Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Colnago In Times Square


Photo submitted by Dmitry Tkachenko. Dmitry has a chance to win a retro TDF t-shirt from Après Vélo. Check in Friday to vote for your favorite Pic Of The Day!

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Mindless - 06/19/13 - 9:03am

It was stolen 5 minutes after the photo shoot.

Ryan - 06/19/13 - 9:18am

Ha! Came to write the exact same thing.

batmanwest - 06/19/13 - 11:29pm

Valve stems not at 6 o’clock, cranks not level, not one but TWO bottles in the cages, leaning the bike on the frame….the frame! and not the seat or rubber….shesh.

Not a bad way to get around the city though.

Dope - 06/20/13 - 8:40am

Also, the sports drink in the bottles doesn’t match the frame. It needs to be fruit punch…

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