WATCH THIS: Danny MacAskill New Mind Blowing Imaginate Video

No Words. Just wow. You’ll be showing this video to your non cycling friends for years.

UPDATE: Danny MacAskill is on Reddit now to answer any questions you have for him!


Will - 06/18/13 - 8:19am

Um, empty post?

Saris - 06/18/13 - 8:23am

@Will, Sorry about that. Ran into some issues embedding the Red Bull Media Player.

NBP - 06/18/13 - 8:35am

WOW on so many levels

Ck - 06/18/13 - 8:45am

As expected, it was pretty damn good.

Watchtower - 06/18/13 - 9:00am

As Pops would say from my daughter’s favorite cartoon, “Good show, jolly good show!”

loz - 06/18/13 - 9:20am

showed this to my 5 year old and just opened a world of possibilities!!!

CXisfun - 06/18/13 - 9:31am

What’s with the auto-play audio?!

silverlining - 06/18/13 - 9:37am

Watched the preview a few weeks ago, was curious to see just what he had planned. Awesome! The guy is really just amazing.

Bushpilot - 06/18/13 - 10:44am


NotAMachinist - 06/18/13 - 11:20am

That was brilliant!

Watching the previews I thought, “eh, another RedBull over hyped video.” But he really brought some creativity to the story and sets and riding. Well done Danny!

professor - 06/18/13 - 1:01pm

How can you possibly top that!

wonko - 06/18/13 - 1:19pm

The funniest, prettiest and most entertaining bike videos in a loooong time – or ever!

Phill - 06/18/13 - 3:59pm

Amazing riding but all the 80’s cheezy-ness of Rad, only think missing was John Farhnam singing but the track is pretty similar.

Sean - 06/18/13 - 9:25pm

Incredible. Great direction and set design really make this one stand out (the tricks help, too.) Digging the John Tomac-era Yeti poster on the wall towards the end, as well.

sonic - 06/21/13 - 5:37am


I know it’s ‘only’ riding a bike (I’d love to be able to do some of that stuff); I can’t even balance on you own two feet as well as that sometimes :-)

sonic - 06/21/13 - 1:19pm

I can’t believe i wrote that ^ I mean I can’t even balance on my own two feet sometimes.

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