Cafe Racer Inspired, Estonian Steel Commuter


When Indrek Narusk wanted a new city commuter and nothing on the market caught his eye, he decided to dream up his own creation. Born in Estonia of sensually shaped stainless steel, we first spotted the Viks cycle rolling around with a Velodroom brake light.

Two mirror images of the frame run side-by-side connected only at the bottom-bracket, seat tube and head tube. Adding to the original design, the fork and handlebars are one congruent piece. Hit the break to see the stunning details…


As if the frame itself doesn’t stand out enough, throw in some color.


Along with made-to-order sizing, Viks offers buyers semi-custom build kits.


With such a one-off handlebar/fork design offering clean looks don’t expect to bolt on any brake levers. Viks was clearly designed with the fixed-gear crowd in mind. Coaster brake hubs are also offered for those feeling a bit more chill.


If you crave exclusivity hit up Viks for one of these Estonian made beauties.


frank - 06/13/13 - 3:20pm

horrifyingly ugly

Alex - 06/13/13 - 3:45pm

Wow frank, such deep and insightful commentary. I’m sure Indrek now knows exactly how to change the design to please a potential customer as yourself.

Alex - 06/13/13 - 3:45pm

damnit, forgot a “such” in there

generalee - 06/13/13 - 3:59pm

kind of looks like a jungle gym

brian - 06/13/13 - 4:06pm


Bill - 06/13/13 - 4:36pm

It is a little ugly, but aesthetic is personal, I suppose. The lack of any adjustability in position though is the real turn off to me. Even if custom made to your specs, a good bike should have some flexibility in positioning to it. All but the most show-pieces of handmade customs still offer that.

Maxwell - 06/13/13 - 5:13pm

Dang, all that tubing looks heavy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s heavier than an old schwinn.

Padrote - 06/13/13 - 5:51pm

overused catchphrase is overused.

it’s more interesting than half the bikes at NAHBS.

John - 06/13/13 - 5:53pm

Personally, I like it! It is nice to see something different…

jenbe - 06/13/13 - 6:01pm

just needs a campy seat post.

nanci djreaux - 06/13/13 - 6:16pm

it must not rain in Estonia or that “commuter” would need fenders. the look is cool enough

kj - 06/13/13 - 7:08pm

I like it. Unfortunately the frame is over 11 lbs, so even though that includes the fork, stem, handlebars and no brakes, it would probably weigh 25lbs. built up. Even so, I’d be happy to ride it.

a.j. Bosch - 06/13/13 - 11:10pm

When I saw this “thing” for the 1st time on the “Velodroom brake light” video I went and did some searching and there is only one conclusion. It is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately VERY FEW photos do it justice. the best view is from overhead where you can see the twin tubing. A brief glimpse of this is visible in the video.

Danno - 06/13/13 - 11:12pm

I dig it. Great design. But with all those fat pipes – should be aluminum to save a coupla pounds. Especially if the ‘down’ tubes forward of the BB become one tube. I agree with Padrote – more interesting that half the bikes at NAHBS

So, now what? - 06/13/13 - 11:27pm

im not hip enough to own one of those

Vassilis K. - 06/14/13 - 2:28am

looks like a fashion victim bicycle to me, let’s decorate our living room……

mp - 06/14/13 - 2:54am


Weight: Around 5kg

Daver - 06/14/13 - 3:22am

I reckon its stunning!

SWijland - 06/14/13 - 5:09am

Pretty cool frame. Does deserve some high quality paint though!

fraser - 06/14/13 - 5:22am

Its quite nice for a sunny weekend city-cruiser. But what I really miss is the brakes. Ok, I may be a sissy but brakes are a good invention – actually. Oh, and the handlebar seems a bit massive.

Caspar - 06/14/13 - 6:00am

I like it , but think it would somehow look better with a seattube . Maybe Im just too old and conservative

Wonder if Revelatedesign will do a framebag for it…….

Slow Joe Crow - 06/14/13 - 1:39pm

It’s a striking looking object but appears better suited to looking at than riding.

William Dueck - 06/15/13 - 12:54pm

Heavens to murgatroyd! Your commuter bike will weigh 25 lbs and therefore won’t impress the skinny-jeans-wearing, American Spirit-smoking, big-white-sunglasses sporting, PBR-drinking, don’t-know-what-irony-is Hipsters.

Don’t think it needs a fender if the downtube follows the same path as a fender would.

I wouldn’t buy it but it doesn’t suck just because it’s Estonian or just because it’s a heavy frame. Commuters don’t have to break the 18 lbs barrier. Except for bench-racing contests, I guess.

Jerome - 06/16/13 - 2:26pm

Gorgeous design! Love it!

Jerome - 06/16/13 - 2:27pm

… Love the super clean lines – artwork in motion.

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Sha - 06/21/13 - 11:08pm


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