Win a pair of Electric Blue Empires from Performance Bike

Empire Electric Blue

Did you miss out on the chance to pick up a limited edition pair of the amazing Electric Blue Giro Empires on their April First Friday promotion? Well, if you are a size 43, 44, or 45 you may be able to do one better and win a pair form Performance Bike. The company is running a contest on Instagram & Twitter asking you to show them why you deserve 1 of the 3 remaining pairs (there is only one of each size available). To enter tag your Instagrams or Tweets with @performancebike @girocycling #empireupgrade and your size by 6/21.



Sardinian rider - 06/11/13 - 2:53pm

Ok,and where do do I have to sign to make myself sure I’m not going to get these even for free ?

Riley - 06/11/13 - 3:47pm

[Deleted for violation of Bikerumor’s commenting rules. Let’s try to be nice kids- or at least offer constructive criticism.]

Jonny - 06/11/13 - 4:09pm

I do need a new pair of soccer cleats…

Jonny - 06/11/13 - 4:09pm

Hey wait, those aren’t soccer cleats!

topmounter - 06/11/13 - 4:58pm

Those will match my electric blue trikini perfectly!

Psi Squared - 06/11/13 - 5:47pm

Who cares that Performance Bike is involved? Those are some sweet shoes. If I could stand Twitter or used Instagram, I’d be in.

Marc Basiliere - 06/11/13 - 9:25pm

For what it’s worth, I’d wear the heck out of those.

g - 06/11/13 - 10:22pm

were these shoes worn by dorothy in the wizard of oz? No. i guess those where red. great, now i have to to think of some loser excuse why i deserve a pair of butt ugly, overstock shoes made in a chinese sweat shop.

TT - 06/12/13 - 12:10am

Why do they have laces?? Why not a simple, easy and quick to adjust (even whil riding) closure system? Velcro etc.

TT - 06/12/13 - 12:11am

Sorry! Should read “while”. I hate typos! :-)

Zach Overholt - 06/12/13 - 1:05am

@TT, they were designed with input form Taylor Phinney who wanted the laces carried over from his track cycling days.

TT - 06/12/13 - 8:39am

Well… Hm… All right, but does that (on the PRO level) mean that shoelaces are as good as all kinds of closure systems?

ant1 - 06/12/13 - 12:15pm

TT – i’ve got a pair of bike shoes with laces and love them. i almost never adjust my shoes after putting them on, so that drawback doesn’t affect me. closure systems are mostly marketing, imho. i’ve got a pair of sidi dragon 2s, three different closure systems per shoe. is that really necessary?

vectorbug - 06/12/13 - 3:35pm

I love my black Empire shoes. The sizing is a bit generous. I’m normally a 46, but a 44.5 with these. Comfy, stiff and light. I’ve yet to need to adjust them while riding but the longest ride I’ve done in a day was only 60 miles wearing them.

Brittany - 09/27/13 - 5:22am

The color is attractive but I have a small feet, better luck next time.

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