Rotwild Introduces Mercedes Collaboration with R.X45 AMG Mountain bike

Rotwild R X45 AMG

Specialized and McLaren, Colnago and Ferrari, Factor and Aston Martin, BMC and Lamborghini, and now Rotwild and Mercedes AMG are the newest bicycle and auto manufacturers to team up and produce special edition bikes. Given the fact that both Rotwild and Mercedes are German manufacturers the pairing makes sense. The announcement marks the start of a series of bikes with the R.X45, which has a paint scheme directly influenced by the Mercedes A 45 AMG Edition 1.

Need the matching bike to your A 45 AMG? More details next.


Based on Rotwild’s XMS suspension system, the 150mm travel R.X45 is billed as an efficient 26″ All Mountain carbon shredder. The frame featuers a tapered steerer, BB92 PressFit bottom bracket, a replaceable dropout system that is direct mount compatible, a 142×12 rear axle, PM 180 disc brakes, dropper post routing, and an ISCG-05 chainguide adapter.


With a Crankbrothers heavy accessory kit and full XTR Trail build the R.X45 sets itself apart from the rest of Rotwild’s R.X series with a premium spec and premium finish.

rotwild R X45 AMG3

The R.X45 AMG will be offered in three sizes, S (430mm), M (470mm), and L (510mm) with full geometry listed here. Like most of these limited editions, don’t expect it to come cheap – the R.X45 AMG will retail for 6,990€ or about $9,280. Orders for the bike will be offered starting in July with expected delivery of September, 2013.


vhom - 06/11/13 - 1:34pm

I still don’t see 9k in this bike. 7…maybe. It must be those AMG rockers!

dale - 06/11/13 - 2:08pm

What is with this euro trashy bling bling association between bikes and sports cars? So 2004.

ccolagio - 06/11/13 - 2:08pm

whoa whoa whoa, lets not forget porsche’s ridiculous $10,000+ USD 29er thing bike they

ccolagio - 06/11/13 - 2:10pm

for some reason, these car companies that make mtb bikes love Cranks Bros!

Davey - 06/11/13 - 2:22pm

@dale .. It’s all to do with the EU emission average target across the range of products they sell and you can’t get more emission friendly then a bike. Of course the marketing team want you to know it’s a lifestyle decision ..

Zach Overholt - 06/11/13 - 2:26pm

@ccolagio, yeah, wow – I guess you won’t be on the waiting list for that one? 😉 There are probably many more auto X bike collaborations, I was just using those three as an example since we’ve covered them in the past.

Sardinian rider - 06/11/13 - 2:55pm

Did Specialized called it’s lawyers yet ?

Matt - 06/11/13 - 3:31pm

There is nothing in this world that depreciates faster than a very expensive bike produced for a car manufacturer. I wont bore you with the equation, but it is essentially the inverse of compouning interest.

dwiz - 06/11/13 - 4:45pm

blatantly ripping people off!!!!!!!

so you have a fancy car thats’ cool. lets PAINT a bike to match and charge ridiculously higher prices for a bike that has nothing new/innovative. its just factory bike with a special paint job….people that buy into this nonsense need their heads examined and their debit card taken away forever……lets not forget those crank brother wheels that you never ever see on the trails….you have a better chance of seeing Loch Ness then someone with those cobalt wheels

ccolagio - 06/11/13 - 5:29pm

best design/actual innovation: Audi

best looking: has to go to that BMC though. its incredible

generalee - 06/11/13 - 9:52pm

yep, BMC + Laborghini was a gross oversight…

Mindless - 06/11/13 - 10:15pm

Rotwild actually makes nice bikes.

Zach Overholt - 06/11/13 - 11:04pm

Good call CT, totally forgot about that one.

Andy - 06/11/13 - 11:15pm

Still a ‘real’ mountain bike though. Pity it will never see a real ‘mountain’.

SJones - 06/12/13 - 1:04am

That’s just embarrassing.

Nick - 06/12/13 - 1:23am

Is there a matching exorbitantly priced AMG boot rack?

TRAFF - 06/12/13 - 2:59am

Apprently Maserati are making a car to match the campy seatpost when its finally released. :)

riderXR - 06/12/13 - 6:51am

hopefully AMG + Mercedes never drop to the poor quality level Rotwild had the last years :-( FMPOV these companies didn’t match and Rotwild reveals AMG + Mercedes in a really bad light.

topmounter - 06/12/13 - 11:04am

I’m rather disappointed that the bike does not fold and fit neatly into a custom leather / carbon case in the rear hatch of the Merc… and no Schumi “Mercedes Brand Ambassador” signature edition that includes the car and bike? How disappointing.

Pancakes - 06/12/13 - 12:02pm

@riderXR Merc quality has been in the crapper since W202.

As far as the bike, best to think of it as an accessory for the car rather than a bike in its own right, I mean, it’s no more ridiculous than an AMG G-wagen.

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