Hungry bear ends photoshoot for new Ergon pack

Well, that didn’t go as planned!

A video posted to Ergon rider Jeff Kerkove’s blog this morning shows a black brown bear helping itself to the Powerbars and Kind Bars in one of the company’s new BA3 SuperEnduro packs.  Filming from a respecful distance, neither Jeff nor photographer Karen Jarchow were harmed and the bear looks to have found what he or she wanted.  No word on how the pack held up, but we should have one on review shortly- let’s hope it proves less attractive to wildlife than this one was.  Hit the jump for photos and specs…

Ergon BA3 Super Enduro stock

BA3 Super Enduro

Compact Mountain Bike backpack for All Mountain use. 4 stage adjustable back length, load compression ‘Adaptive Carrier System’ adjusts to the shape of the rider. The BA3 offers 15 litres of capacity, with a extra 2 litre expansion. Vertical compartments for protectors, combined full face helmet / wet clothing compartment. Compression straps. Inside the pack has 4 compartments, and a separate pocket for a bladder. The front section and hip strap has small pockets to keep tools, tubes, and a pump oraganized. A loop on the shoulder straps allows a phone holder to be fitted. The wide, elastic hip strap can be adjusted with a single hand, and has both velcro and standard fastenings to ensure the pack stays put when riding. For increased visibility HiLumen reflectors have been integrated.



Jeff at Ergon - 06/11/13 - 8:54pm

That sure was intense! The bear did not tear into the Ergon pack, or any of the food we had on hand. It just poked around the gear, chewed on a water bottle, then moved on. We were lucky, as were the people in the campground less than 500 yards away, that the bear was pretty mellow.

swinkey - 06/11/13 - 9:06pm

Is the Pivot okay?

carl - 06/11/13 - 9:06pm

Where was this?

Mindless - 06/11/13 - 9:25pm


JJ - 06/11/13 - 10:23pm

It’s a black bear, not a brown bear. There are no brown bears in Colorado.

Guy Faux - 06/11/13 - 11:19pm

I like the waist belt design

Jeff - 06/12/13 - 12:25am

Colbert warned us!

jcos - 06/12/13 - 8:14am

That’s a dude in a bear suit! I call Marketing BS!!!

ant1 - 06/12/13 - 8:17am

great, now bears will associate the BA3 Super Enduro with food. i’m not riding with one of those on in bear country.

David - 06/12/13 - 8:27am

Is this a viral marketing attempt?

Jeff at Ergon - 06/12/13 - 10:12am

JJ, Correct. Brown bear, not black.

Carl, we were shooting in White River National Forest outside of Eagle, Colorado

Jeff at Ergon - 06/12/13 - 10:21am

edit: black bear

dicky - 06/12/13 - 10:36am

Why’s he gotta be black?

warthog - 06/12/13 - 12:10pm

I guess the BA in BA-3 stands for “Bear Approved”?

ant1 - 06/12/13 - 12:10pm

dicky, did you see the size of his dicky?

kurti_sc - 06/12/13 - 1:23pm

Oh Dicky. I saw that comment and immediately knew it was you.

Saris - 06/12/13 - 3:14pm


Ahahaha, thanks for the laugh.

hello? - 06/12/13 - 6:45pm

Boo doofuses in the woods leaving their food unattended in bear country. Freakin tourists.

JimmyZ - 06/12/13 - 10:49pm

My Osprey raptor pack had the same problem. The bear was afraid of me, though. Maybe because it was dark, and I kept shining my flashlight in its eyes and blowing smoke at it. This bear was just shuffling along, he wasn’t running and charging me, so maybe he was one of those wimpy bears that don’t like to fight people for their food and beer. I called a friend who worked nights, because I knew he would be awake, since I hadn’t told anyone I where I would be camping. He heard the bear yelling at me, we both agreed that it sounded like an air horn. There was no way I was going to let a lousy bear mess with my tent, backpack, or bike. That would start a disturbing trend.
I think that one important feature to include in a backpack meant for mountain biking is a way to discourage bears. Smoke bombs and bright lights might be a solution, based on my encounters. I hear that they use pepper spray as a condiment, and that it only angers them when sprayed with it.

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