Too Hot? Spray Yourself mid Ride with Q-Fog

Wish there was a way to stay cooler on your next ride? If you’re willing to think outside the box, Q-Fog provides an interesting take on onboard cooling. Essentially a bike mounted mister, cyclists can click the lever periodically sending a wave of mist into their frontal region. From there, evaporative cooling does the rest, cooling the body as the water evaporates. Who knows, for climates that are really hot this could be useful.

Check out the apparatus next.

Q-Fog Q-Fog1

The sprayer unit is made from ABS plastic and mounts to the handlebar in 4 different positions with  a quick release mount. In order to place the mist exactly where you want it the sprayer head rotates 360°. 100ml of water is stored in a polypropylene container under the stem which offers over 300 clicks per fill up. At 7-8 clicks every five minutes, Q-Fog says this is sufficient for a 2-3 hour ride.

What do you think? Is this something you would ever consider to mount on your bike?



Ryan - 06/05/13 - 11:01am

I want to make fun of this, but I can’t. I would actually use this.

Ryan - 06/05/13 - 11:03am

Couldn’t you offer one with a longer tube instead of the container you supply? I’d rather just run the tube to one of my existing water bottles.

RickyBob - 06/05/13 - 11:05am

Hey Q-Fog- You obviously put a lot of thought and design time into this device, which is pretty cool by the way, but if you want anyone to take you seriously you should make a more professional video. Good luck to you guys, looks intriguing.

Ham Bananna Jammer - 06/05/13 - 11:24am

Yeah RickyBob, they should make their video epic with emotional tales of athletes riding the divide. There should also be explosions and stuff. Can’t be a fun video for a fun product.

Murphy - 06/05/13 - 11:30am

This is dorkier than a rear view mirror and I WANT IT SO BAD

CP - 06/05/13 - 11:32am

K.I.S.S. method, what happened to the good ole waterbottle in the cage, it even has a dual purpose of allowing you to take a drink…

Dave - 06/05/13 - 11:35am

This is the most un-“Pro” thing I’ve ever seen. ANd for that alone… I love it!

Ted - 06/05/13 - 11:39am

I’m usually Mr. negativity on here but I gotta give kudos on this one. I’ve thought a few times of trying to rig some sort of splitter to my camelbak and having a mist optin on my back/head. The execution looks good here but $40 is about 2x the price point I’d feel justified for this. Maybe $24.99 at the most.

Wojtek G - 06/05/13 - 11:39am

Nice thing! I only wish it came with thermal insulation so that you could cool more effectively, but still it looks great.

Bob - 06/05/13 - 11:40am

Perfect for those who still have “windshield wiper” sunglasses from the 80’s!

jimmy - 06/05/13 - 11:45am

Drinking fluid is way more effective than having anything sprayed on you. It’s better to drink whatever you’re willing to carry.

Ryan - 06/05/13 - 11:46am

wah wahhh wahhhhhhhhh

dale - 06/05/13 - 11:53am


diehipsterdie - 06/05/13 - 12:44pm

can i use butter instead?

dudebro - 06/05/13 - 1:06pm

The day you grab that lever instead of your brake in an emergency…

RickyBob - 06/05/13 - 1:32pm

Explosions!? Yes please.

satisFACTORYrider - 06/05/13 - 1:39pm

mount a rotational sprinkler head on it for peloton use.

Alan - 06/05/13 - 1:50pm

Is Bike Rumor now the place to find out the latest in crowd funded projects that almost never go anywhere?

drider - 06/05/13 - 2:13pm

The day has barely started and they’ve run out of news already.

dan - 06/05/13 - 2:23pm

Cycling’s money shot

Tes - 06/05/13 - 2:45pm

Those of us in Seattle can leave it empty to get a spritz of dry air once in a while.

ccolagio - 06/05/13 - 2:50pm

^ i laughed

Mr. P - 06/05/13 - 3:00pm

Would love a Beer-Fog version.


Rdbkdave68 - 06/05/13 - 3:42pm

For a few bucks buy a spray bottle. Put it in your back pocket, and you can spray yourself ANYWHERE you wish.

RUSTYDOGG - 06/05/13 - 3:57pm

Wow, the planets must have aligned. I thought for sure when I went to the comments you guys would have ripped this apart.

Arik Q-FOG - 06/05/13 - 4:00pm

First I am glad that the Q-FOG is here.
Second, I read a lot of questions, statements, jokes, and I take it in good spirit.
Regarding the Q-FOG,
We did a lot of research until we got this configuration, a lot of riders were asked how they would like that this product will work and look, so we did the best to hit the target.
When doing product development, and do not have financial backing as a large company, eventually you find that there was no more money, and we had to make the film with the tools at our disposal.
Bottom line, after two years of work on the Q-FOG, we realized there was no choice, if we want to get the product to market, we must seek the help of the general public (crowdfunding)

Thank you all, and hope we get to production,

Arik Bar Erez

matt - 06/05/13 - 4:00pm

Didn’t the shake-weight have this feature as well? 😉

Vamast - 06/05/13 - 4:08pm

Will there be a carbon version?

Arik Q-FOG - 06/05/13 - 4:39pm

Carbon version would be too expensive.
There are methods to simulate carbon in the plastic injection process,
But it just looks good.
The Q-FOG will be made from ABS plastic injected with a mixture of fiber glass.

Alan - 06/05/13 - 4:47pm

Two years to make this thing?

Arik Q-FOG - 06/05/13 - 4:55pm

Indeed two years, thankfully, and unfortunately I had to make a living during the period of development, I am an individual not a large industrial body, that’s why this project is done slowly. (Large company would do it in three months)

David - 06/05/13 - 6:49pm

Wouldn’t a 2-way mister/drink cap that fit a water bottle be more effective?
Or maybe a sprayer nozzle on a hydration pack…….

generalee - 06/05/13 - 8:18pm

but will it mount to my aerobars????

Arik Q-FOG - 06/05/13 - 9:26pm

We are already talking about a completely different product. Also there are hundreds and thousands of different bottles, how do I know which bottle to fit the cap?
Your second proposal is also problematic, do I need to develop full hydration pack just to have a sprayer? And what about the hydration pack you already have? You will throw it? :)

Arik Q-FOG - 06/05/13 - 9:34pm

generalee, You get the Q-FOG with adapters to different sizes of handlebars, so it should fit on aerobars too. (On the metal parts only, not on the grip)

David - 06/05/13 - 11:33pm

Arik Q-FOG,
1) You haven’t done much research into bottles. Quite the exaggeration, there aren’t thousands of bottles available. My unofficial survey is that probably 75% or more use Camelbak, Specialized or Polar bottles. I use both Camelbak and Polar and use the Camelbak cap on both brands.
2) Developing a spray nozzle for the hydration pack would be quite easy by itself, but Geigerrig already have their pressurized hydration pack on the market.

BigJilmbo - 06/05/13 - 11:39pm

Might one fill this with urine? If I could combine my love of cycling with my even greater love of golden showers the result would be, well, heavenly!

silverlining - 06/06/13 - 12:42am

As someone who has suffered through near triple digit, 3-4 hour summer rides in Florida, with no shade and no breeze, I can tell you I wish I had this back then! The temptation to dump a water bottle would always lose out to worrying you would run dry before the next gas station.

Arik Q-FOG - 06/06/13 - 5:18am

I’d made a distinction between drinking bottle with a device that attaches to the bike, and products like Camelbak for example (with “IV”). There are a lot of bottles in the market, hydration pack has relatively little. You are right.
In terms of development I chose not to enter the territory that exceeds my abilities, Camelbak do not really need me to get a product that complements their product, I chose to build something else that would force big players in the market to work a little harder to get a product like the Q-FOG.
In addition it was important for us to separate the drinking water, and the liquid spray from obvious reasons.

Arik Q-FOG - 06/06/13 - 5:24am

Urine is not recommended, saltiness may destroy the seals :)

NASH - 06/06/13 - 5:25am

Instant Legionella next time you take your bike for a ride. Nice!

human power - 06/06/13 - 9:43am

Hi Arik.Nice product!I want to buy 3 for me and kids.Can i buy your prototype?

Arik Q-FOG - 06/06/13 - 11:26am

Hi human power,
give me a minute to think about it … Ummm, no :)
But I’d be happy if you buy them through the campaign on Indiegogo
(It will help us a lot)

JimmyZ - 06/07/13 - 2:12am

I would only use this to spray other people with. Especially if they are on my wheel. What I need is a product that can spray with enough force to blast those in front of me, they are there because they are faster, and if I can spray them, they will be slowed down.

kobi - 06/11/13 - 3:56am

Help make it happen for World’s first spray device for cyclists on @indiegogo

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