GT Confirms New Trail Bike, Coming June 18th

GT Trailbike

Looks like that prototype 650b bike that has been floating around will see the light of day very soon. Dan Atherton has been spotted on what could be a prototype mule of the new bike, and the teaser photos and video after the break paint a picture of possibly a completely different bike. Is there one, or two new bikes? Lending credit to our speculation, we’ve heard more talk of an altered iDrive suspension, and from the teaser it looks like there may be a Horst link involved?

Check out the video next to see what you can spot.


JOEP - 06/03/13 - 12:45pm

Very Nice!

Bikeman - 06/03/13 - 1:15pm

Great they are coming out with a new model. The only problem is that no dealers in my area will carry GT because they are owned by Dorel, which is the #1 mass market company to the marts. They also will not carry them because Performance and REI carry the bikes. I wish GT would support the IBD more. Then maybe at least one of the dealers in my area would carry them.

Joe - 06/03/13 - 1:38pm

Bikeman, any Cannondale dealer can order you a GT.

mike - 06/03/13 - 1:39pm

Bikeman is on the money here. Wait a year and buy the bike for less then dealer cost On giant nerd

dogboy - 06/03/13 - 2:21pm

So mike, Giantnerd has two GT bikes on their site – one Zaskar 9’r in size XL only and one Series 3 road bike in size XS only. Hyperbole much?

brd - 06/03/13 - 4:07pm

this doesn’t look at all like the bike Dan rode on the first Enduro WC

JOEP - 06/03/13 - 4:54pm

BRD – that was a prototype. This will be the production version, I assume anyways.

dmx - 06/04/13 - 9:09am

It’s the new Force Carbon and Sensor Carbon.

King County - 06/04/13 - 11:15am

From what I heard, the parent company is opening their own store on Long Island.

Initially, I heard it was just to be Cannondale, but now I believe they will also have GT, Mongoose, Schwinn, etc.

This is a bit different from when a IBD opens up a ‘concept’ store, based around 1 brand. The actual brand itself is the store owner.

Cypher09 - 06/04/13 - 11:29am

@King County

The store is Cannondale branded, it’s on Glen Cove Rd in Carle Place right up the block from the new REI and EMS. REI can’t be happy about that.

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