Velo Orange Teases Aero Bike Racks

Velo Orange tunnel 1

After hearing about Specialized’s own wind tunnel efforts, Velo Orange decided it would be a good thing to look into for their own products. Without the budget of a larger company though, they had to settle for a, um, smaller version set up in their back room. They’re claiming an aero porteur rack in 2014 could be the result of this new development. Of course, teases would be the key word here.

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Ryan - 05/31/13 - 2:36pm


Chicken Boo - 05/31/13 - 2:56pm

I don’t think Specialized had streamers on their fans. +1 Velo Orange

Cutter - 05/31/13 - 3:10pm

Before reading the full post, I saw the title and the pic and then instantly compared it to the video Specialized posted… I laughed so hard!

drider - 05/31/13 - 3:17pm

Every watt saved in the pursuit of groceries is welcome.

askar larkinyar - 05/31/13 - 3:27pm

i would buy one just for their attitude

RC - 05/31/13 - 3:59pm

Excellent post. Gotta love that wind tunnel !!

Adam - 05/31/13 - 4:01pm

Congratulations on a beautiful wind tunnel. How about you put it to a true test by accepting my challenge to test my handwoven basket against your welded rack? Let’s see which bike truly is the most aero….once and for all. You pick the time, we’ll bring our Rack. Do you accept? #aeroiseverything #ridelife

Mcr - 05/31/13 - 6:35pm

Specialized might just take up on giant’s challenge on this setup…….

Eyal - 05/31/13 - 8:18pm

Specialized now has a patent on wind tunnels and will soon file a lawsuit against velo orange.

Mindless - 05/31/13 - 8:54pm

End result is as useful as one from Specialized (a few marketing drivel articles in the press that is)

Naton - 05/31/13 - 10:20pm

They’ve taken the Kammtail truncated airfoil concept to its natural conclusion. Round tubes for all!

Psi Squared - 05/31/13 - 11:58pm

Mindless, the Velo Orange joke aside, wind tunnels are very useful despite your bias against Specialized, data, or improvements in performance or technology. The aerodynamicists and other engineers crunching aero data can’t be responsible for what a marketing department does with the data that said engineers find.

Ham-planet - 06/01/13 - 1:52am

That brake lever orientation… ugh

Marketing Guru - 06/01/13 - 6:26pm

Well played Velo Orange.

I hope someone at Giant is taking notes on how to successfully market.

Giant tried to gain some market clout by taunting and calling out an industry giant. When Specialized didn’t even bother to respond, it was as if to say that Giant was such a non-factor in the marketplace that it wasn’t even worth their time to respond. Epic marketing backfire.

WK - 06/02/13 - 7:36am

Like VO’s attitude 😀

USOCC - 06/04/13 - 5:52pm

As if any of it is significant when you ad the frontal area of a cyclist.

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