GoPro Updates Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount Adapters for Better Fit


While the GoPro Handlebar/seatpost/pole mount has been out for a long time now, GoPro has recently upgraded the adapter shims to improve fit. Now including two different rubber shims, the newly designed adapters should make mounting to more surfaces easier. The thinner of the two is designed for protecting bar and seat post surfaces as well as increasing grip of the clamp – something we had to improvise our own rubber shim for in the past. Also, to make mounting to ski poles or other smaller diameter tubing there is a thick adapter to take out the guess work. Both new adapters have tabs that insert into the body of the mount itself to keep them in place and make installation a breeze.

Check out GoPro’s new installation video after the jump.


David - 05/31/13 - 12:50pm

I’ve always used a length of old tube for just this purpose. Get a short one for mounting on the bike, and a long one wrapped a few times for a ski pole. Also isolates the vibration a bit!

edge - 05/31/13 - 6:08pm

I’ve made these two pieces myself for years. For smaller tubes like ski poles I use a piece of tubing left over from a plumbing project with a slit and for large ones I use an old inner tube bit to prevent scratches and get a good grip.

Andrew Priest (Aushiker) - 06/01/13 - 2:24am

Playing at the edges and not addressing the real issue with the handlebar mount … breaking. Getting much better performance out of K-Edge mount.

Ivan - 06/03/13 - 5:39pm

GoPro Mounts that consistently break is absolute SHITE…an absolute joke…watching your camera fly off your handlebars thanks to little plastic flanges after ONE ride..NO excuse for it..abysmal QC…

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