Would you ride a Falcon? A review of SDG’s lightweight all-day saddle

SDG Falcon Top 2When our SDG care package arrived in early April, the one saddle that attracted the most discussion was the Shibuya-themed Falcon.  While it was the unrestrained use of color that caught everyone’s attention (don’t worry- there are seven other color combinations), the dense-but-comfortable padding, surprisingly light weight, and reasonable price tag is what held it.  Has the Falcon lived up to its early promise?  Hit the jump to find out…

Billed as an “elite power and performance saddle for All Terrain Use,” the Falcon measures 142mm across and comes with solid Ti, Ti alloy, or CrMo rails.  SONY DSCThe tingle-fighting “Peri-Canal” is said to enable fore and aft movement without exerting undue pressure in the perineum (or ‘taint) region.  Our Ti alloy sample’s weight was bang on at the claimed 250g and sells for $90.  Adding $40 for the solid Ti rails will shave 15g, while saving $30 on the CrMo version adds 45g.

Unsurprisingly for someone who favors 143mm-wide saddles from other manufacturers, the shape of the Falcon works great for me with a wide range of cycling shorts.  The Peri-Canal works at promised, keeping the dreaded sleepy pee-pee away for hours on end.  The padding is moderately dense: soft enough to stay comfortable on rough terrain but not so soft that it creates pressure where it shouldn’t.

SONY DSCWhen all is said and done, the Falcon is one of the most comfortable saddles that I’ve ridden in a long, long time.  When the light weight and reasonable cost are considered, only catastrophic failure will keep it from becoming a new favorite.  Gushing?  Maybe- but when something really works well down there, it’s worth getting excited about.  While everyone’s body and preferences are different, anyone who likes mid-width and moderately-flat saddles should seriously consider seeking the Falcon out.




mudrock - 05/27/13 - 10:56am

Anime themed saddles coming next. I don’t like where this is heading.

Kark - 05/27/13 - 11:48am

good god that is ugly

Paco Picopiedra - 05/27/13 - 12:10pm

The lightest version remains 250g, which is average for thick-padded CrMo railed saddles.

Would it be asking too much for you to be more critical?

pmurf - 05/27/13 - 12:16pm

Thank god….can’t tell you how many SDG camo saddles I’ve lost because I couldn’t see them in the woods…This one fixes all that!

Aaron - 05/27/13 - 4:37pm

Too heavy, too gaudy, too padded. I’ll stick with my black SLRs.

Topmounter - 05/27/13 - 5:02pm

Lightweight? Compared to what… a Brooks?

ObligatedToSay - 05/27/13 - 6:43pm

It’s like Golf and Nascar had a baby…

kaptaincorey - 05/27/13 - 8:47pm

Already riding the ti-fly and love it.

Psi Squared - 05/28/13 - 12:01am

FYI, I believe technically “taint” only applies to females while “gooch” is the appropriate term for males. That saddle would have looked right at home on a DeRosa Tango.

Ajax - 05/28/13 - 1:48am

U G L Y.
That saddle ain’t got no alibi.
It ugly.
Yeah, yeah.
It ugly.

Mindless - 05/28/13 - 7:06am

Too heavy and too padded.

Saddle Man - 05/28/13 - 7:09am

I’m just not seeing much difference between this and other, old design saddles. http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product2_10053_10052_543118_-1
I wish saddle reviews were more objective. What about some more planer views of the seat from top, front & back? How about comparing to other seats on the market, rather than just saying you like it without clear reasoning.

Jonny - 05/28/13 - 7:58am

I own a shop and after having the sdg test program we sold many falcons. Very comphy saddle!!! Highly recommend.

Ryan - 05/28/13 - 9:34am

They should have brought this to market in ’83, not ’13.

chris - 05/28/13 - 4:43pm

Argh! I’m blind.

Snook Berry - 07/14/13 - 7:05am

Nice colours, would look great on my bike, but cannot buy in UK ?

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