BMC going big for ’14 Enduro bikes?

BMC Enduro 29er carbonWith a number of Enduro racers riding modded (or Trailcrew) versions the company’s Fourstroke 29er for Enduro events, it’s no surprise to see what looks like a gravity-oriented 29er prototype from the Swiss company.  We rode with Enduro specialist Tobi Woggon last summer at the Fourstroke launch and he was effusive about his big-wheeled 120/100mm bike.  Now it looks as though the company is developing a platform that isn’t shared with their XC racers…

Endurotribe have more photos and details here (in French), but it looks as though carbon and aluminum prototypes are already in the field.  Have a look at the forward-shunted seatpost (presumably to allow for more wheel travel), angular lines, and internal cable routing.  Spot anything else?  Let us know below…


mirciu - 05/27/13 - 4:25am

damn, that’s a pretty bike !

Bayard - 05/27/13 - 7:01am


bin judgin - 05/28/13 - 1:14am

DHX air is a garbage shock. Cmon, guys. Get in the monarch plus box.

Guy - 05/29/13 - 2:20pm

I’m guessing DW will be suing BMC next for their suspension design. If any company’s design looks a LOT like his. It’s these guys.

Jonas - 05/29/13 - 4:33pm

He already sued BMC a long time ago and it went to court. Result: DW had to change his patents.

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