Sneak Peek: Super Breezy 2014 Sidi T3.6 Air Triathlon Shoe

2014 Sidi T36 Air triathlon cycling shoe.jpg

At Interbike last year, Sidi introduced their new T3 Air triathlon shoe with a perforated upper and upper-mid level “11” sole, and the T3.6 stayed at the top of the line with a higher end sole but solid upper.

For 2014, there’s a new T3.6 Air that gets the perforated uppers with a new silver striped colorway with white heel cup. It’ll keep its full carbon sole as opposed to a carbon composite of the T3 Air. That gives it the same sole as their Wire and 6.6 road shoes, which is lighter and stiffer.

2014 Sidi T36 Air triathlon cycling shoe.jpg


The other big change is that the carbon soles will now be pre-roughened. This update means the shoes will no longer ship with adhesive grippy tape to place between the sole and the cleat.

They’re coming in around 244g for a 42, and retail should be $349.99, available now. They’re not on the website yet, but your local bike shop can call up Sidi America to order.


aero aero aero - 05/24/13 - 12:43pm

What are the comparisons in drag from these to other shoes? I would also like to know if the holes act like dimples or not?

ccolagio - 05/24/13 - 3:11pm

if by dimples you mean like those on a golf ball…these are holes, not dimples. the holes seem to be for ventilation ie “super breezy”

aero snob - 05/24/13 - 4:23pm

Anything is possible, they are holes but are also blocked on the inside and may act similarly…

aero snob - 05/24/13 - 4:24pm

sorry, *essentially blocked on the inside

Velo - 05/24/13 - 4:31pm

> It’ll keep its full carbon sole as opposed to a carbon composite

Huh? That makes no sense. “Carbon fiber” is carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer… a.k.a. carbon composite.

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