Found: Growler Cage, Because Sometimes Tallboys Aren’t Enough

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If you’re lucky enough to live close to a brewery, chances are they sell the beer in growlers. These oversized beer jugs are great – they’re refillable, cheaper, and easier to share although they do pose a problem if you’re traveling by bike. Well, that was until the folks at Growler Cage in Minneapolis, MN started building 64oz growler specific cages one by one.

Keep yourself from going thirsty again after the break.


Each growler cage is built with a steel frame that is shaped perfectly to fit the most common sized growler with a diameter of 4.75-5″. To keep the bottle safe and from rattling around, the frames are covered in individually sewn neoprene covers that are offered in 11 colors, and replaceable if they tear. Holding the cage to the bike is a stainless steel plate with an adjustable slot allowing you to place one growler in a standard frame, or two on a fork as shown above.


Growler Cages retail for $55, with replacement sleeves selling for $7 each.


Yoshi - 05/23/13 - 11:47am

They look heavy! Carbon Please… lol!

Ryan - 05/23/13 - 11:49am

I sure wish I had a need for some of these….stupid OK laws.

Dantrell Eisenstein - 05/23/13 - 12:31pm


Michael - 05/23/13 - 12:58pm

I’ve been looking for a set of these forever! My fork will definitely be adorned with a pair next time we do a cycle-brewery-tour.

Steve @ G4G - 05/23/13 - 12:59pm


wheelz - 05/23/13 - 1:39pm

So cool!

BT - 05/23/13 - 2:19pm

Cool idea but $55…

ShoutBoxxx - 05/23/13 - 2:52pm

Great but I still don’t have any means to carry my bottle of merlot. :(

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 05/23/13 - 2:53pm

Carbon Version 2.0 Coming Soon for $155

Tom - 05/23/13 - 3:14pm

Question I’ve always wondered while transporting my growlers: do they count as open containers? Technically they aren’t sealed in any way. I doubt it would ever come up, but you never know.

Trey R - 05/23/13 - 3:19pm

^^^ You’re not drinking them fast enough Tom.

Mike - 05/23/13 - 3:48pm

Tom: A brewery by my house places scotch tape over the cap of growlers to “seal” them. I guess they had a customer get in trouble for driving with one in their car and when they looked into it the tape was all they legally needed.

Champs - 05/23/13 - 6:13pm

Tom: I believe Minnesota requires a tamper-evident seal, and containers from the brewery of origin. Not so in Oregon.

Jake - 05/23/13 - 6:28pm

I’m waiting for someone to make a hydration pack that a growler will fit in.

Champs - 05/23/13 - 7:55pm

Jake: at that rate, why not an IV drip kit for box wine?

JimmyZ - 05/23/13 - 10:53pm

A good accessory to have for growler rides would be a threaded bottle cap with a valve that connects to the rider’s shock pump or CO2 inflator, so that their beer won’t go flat. I have trouble finishing a 22 oz. bottle quickly enough to have bubbles all the way.

I have a hydration pack that fits a growler, it’s called a camelbak commander. I could even fit a mini keg in there.

Fred Zeppelin - 05/24/13 - 12:11am

@ Shoutboxx, not sure if serious, but look for an old B-52 cage or a current Topeak Modula XL.

Anybody here use a Salsa Anything Cage to carry a growler? I know they fit a 1.75 of Vodka perfect, so I assume a growler would also be a near fit.

PS -There is a 64oz Kleen Kanteen that makes a damage-resistant (if uninsulated) growler.

Matt - 05/24/13 - 4:38am

I’ve got an even better method, it’s called a rucksack…

Iowa Cyclist - 05/24/13 - 11:02am

I’ve found the Salsa Anything Cage is far more useful, and cheaper than this thing. Holds a growler very securely.

gringo - 05/24/13 - 11:23am

now I hafta put the steel fork back on my fargo so I can run a dualing Growler set-up up front.

All the hippy girls gonna be freakin’ out.

Steve@Tern - 05/28/13 - 2:23pm

Love it – think they’d go down a storm in the UK too…

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