Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Finale Ligure Kids’ Tricycle Hack


Bike parts seen outside a villa in Finale Ligure, Italy. This one’s great because they simply bolted two wheels to the outside of the dropouts on the child’s bike to create a tricycle. Awesome.

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deanopatoni - 05/22/13 - 8:45am

A lot of the big manufacturers do their prototyping in Italy. Obviously this mule has been custom coloured to hide the brand identity. My money is on this being the big ‘S’ response to 27.5 650B. Should corner like it is on rails!

FinnRider - 05/22/13 - 10:55am

I really like the slight back sweep on the fork.

Matt Appleman - 05/22/13 - 11:38am

…and a low bottom bracket for stability

Sly - 05/22/13 - 12:07pm

Potential buyers beware.

This bike does not have the UCI Approval Sticker !

Your Face - 05/22/13 - 12:36pm

Is it me, or could it use a seat and a vintage Campy seatpost.

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