Trek World Racing on 29ers for World Enduro Series

Justin Leov Trek Remedy 29

Amidst the rumors of a long travel Trek 29er and word of a dealer only launch earlier today, Justin Leov tweeted a picture of his new ride for the World Enduro Series. Looking an awful lot like a 29 inch wheeled Remedy, Justin had this to say about the bike, “This thing has changed my mind on big wheels… fastest bike I’ve ridden on trail ever!” Word is that the Fuel EX and the Remedy will both have big wheels for 2014, with an official launch at the end of this month. We’ll keep you posted.


Phil - 05/17/13 - 8:16am

Begun, the clone war has…

Tath - 05/17/13 - 9:11am

They’re actually already available for order – this page has a good bit of info:

Your Face - 05/17/13 - 9:39am

They did an announcement on the dealer website. Fuel EX and Remedy in 29er flavor. Already in stock, ready to ship.

Bayard - 05/17/13 - 10:48am

That is really clean for being in the woods.

Steve-o - 05/17/13 - 11:29am

Specialized was first at this,sorry Lance.

Simon - 05/17/13 - 12:45pm

@Steve-o; No, Lenz was in with the long-travel 29’ers several years before Specialized. Spec just did it with more publicity. As per usual. *insert all the lyrics from that “I’m Fast” rap song here*

duder - 05/17/13 - 1:25pm

The graphics look like a Banshee.

Seraph - 05/17/13 - 2:01pm

Rumor has it that there is one more new MTB platform coming out at the end of the month. Confirmed that it is not a 27.5 (650b) but “something better” according to the Trek MTB product manager. Not sure what’s better right now than 27.5 in order to stay ahead of Specialized for once, but we shall see…

Mindless - 05/17/13 - 5:10pm

They would ride 650b if Trek was fast enough to actually make it.

Andrew F - 05/17/13 - 9:18pm

A carbon Fuel EX – 5-inch front/rear travel 29er sounds good to me. Does this squeeze the Rumblefish out of the line-up?

Duder - 05/17/13 - 9:53pm

Seraph – The next announcement isn’t a single model. Think bigger (and not wheelsize).

JimmyZ - 05/17/13 - 11:05pm

it’s a gearbox, isn’t it
I mean the secret, not the new 29er.

Brett - 05/18/13 - 2:11am

Palm Springs cyclery already has them in stock and ready to ride.

Stamps - 05/18/13 - 5:39am

Betcha its a Project One program for high end mtb frames! Full customization on parts and frame paint…

Wombat - 05/18/13 - 7:17am


Corey - 05/18/13 - 6:45pm

JAX Bicycles also has both the Remedy and Fuel 29er’s in stock ready to ride, look pretty sweet, can’t wait to see how they actually ride out on the trail.

doolz - 05/19/13 - 12:09am

Stamps, i bet you are right.

stamps - 05/19/13 - 5:03am

Actually wombat’s fatbikes guess sounds like the winner

Gravity - 05/19/13 - 7:42am

There’s no betting here, people. Listen to Your Face, Corey and others who have correctly pointed out that it is for 29″ Remedys and Fuels. For the first time ever, Trek produced the bikes in secret, got a complete run in stock, and then released the information to dealers only on their internal website, with an official announcement to follow at the end of the month. The idea is that the dealers will have a size-run in stock and ready to ride on the day that the public becomes aware of it (rather than the usual multi-month lead time).

That’s all. Kind of unexciting. You didn’t really think that Trek would make Fatbikes, or 650b, did you? They won big with the 29er and they’re going to milk that cow for at least another couple of seasons.

They did Project One MTBs a long time ago, but it was a flop, and now they’re making Superflys in Taiwan, so it would be much more difficult to give it the Project One treatment (though not impossible, since they currently do this with the Domane).

Duder - 05/19/13 - 3:07pm

@Gravity – You seem very sure of yourself, don’t you? I’ll talk to you on the 30th…

Gravity - 05/19/13 - 9:36pm

Isn’t it obvious? I work in “the industry.” I watched the video. I saw John Burke tell me exactly what I, and others, have told you. There’s no mystery Duder, sorry.

Duder - 05/19/13 - 11:54pm

Ok, Gravity. Take a breath. What’s being debated here isn’t the retail-first launch of the EX and Remedy 29 platforms, it’s the third announcement that will accompany the aforementioned models during the media launch at month’s end. I think you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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