Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Providence Canyon, Providence, UT

Only in Utah

Photo submitted by Dayton Crites, “In Utah, Multi-use means something else…”

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fraser - 05/15/13 - 8:15am

Some bullet holes in the sign would explain it even better…

josh - 05/15/13 - 10:57am

Dayton putting us on the map. The first time I rode this I dint know there was a designated shooting area near by and I kept hearing gun shots that would scare the crap out of me, thankfully none of the bullets were going in our direction.

robert - 05/15/13 - 12:16pm

Heck Yeah!!! Murica!

Ian - 05/16/13 - 9:37am

And then the hunter became the hunted….

John Gult - 05/21/13 - 1:04am

Who is going to manufacture gun rack for bicycles? Handle bar mounted 30-30 maybe? Or AR would be cooler. Anybody using 10 point rack for handle bar? How about chain stay and seat stay painted white….white tail. How about using fat bike and bike trailer to carry game out of the wood? It’ll be like biathalon but instead of sking and .22 target shooting. Fat biking and deer hunting. Biathalon American style!!

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