Reader’s Rides: Eliflap’s 16 lb Di2 Equipped Cannondale Flash 29er

Eliflap Flash 29 Cannondale di2 (3)

Every once in a while, we receive emails from readers that contain some very interesting bikes much like Eliflap’s custom Cannondale 29er. What started life as an already super light Flash hard tail got the custom treatment to become ridiculously light considering it is equipped with Di2 and a Lefty fork.  In addition to some custom machining to mount the derailleurs, Eliflap’s bike features modifications to the frame, brakes, and more.

Get the details next.

Eliflap Flash 29 Cannondale di2 (1)

Rather than use a K-Edge Ki2 Eliflap machined a custom derailleur hanger that spaces the Dura Ace Di2 derailleur far enough away to run an 11-36 XX cassette. In this shot you can also pick up on the hand sanded frame to reduce weight along with the custom drilling to run the Di2 wires internally along with the hidden internal battery.

Eliflap Flash 29 Cannondale di2 (4)

In order to run the braze on Dura Ace 7970 front derailleur, another custom bit in the form of an S3 front derailleur mount was made.  Front gearing is 2×10, 36-24 on a Cannondale Hollowgram SL MTB crank.

Eliflap Flash 29 Cannondale di2 (2)

One of the main areas to be put on a diet, the bar/stem/steerer are all a custom one piece carbon unit from Schmolke which weighs a total of 200g! The Lefty also has a custom post mount disc brake adapter which is said to run 8g. All totaled the bike is said to weigh 7320g, or 16.14lbs.

Thanks for sending it in, Eliflap!


boobie - 05/13/13 - 12:38pm

Doesn’t look ‘fun’ to ride – but I’m sure you can set a strava KOM with that thing.

Quickie - 05/13/13 - 12:47pm

Nice bike. It looks like a durable build for an ultra weight weenie bike.

Whatever - 05/13/13 - 12:51pm

Seems like one size down would have saved a little more weight and actually been the correct size. That saddle is pretty low.

P.S. That short cage can’t handle that rear.

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 05/13/13 - 1:23pm


Honeybear - 05/13/13 - 1:32pm

@Whatever–true that short cage can’t handle the rear–hence the elongated dropout/derailleur hanger, also if the saddle is to be raised anymore–he’d need a 500mm+ seatpost don’t you think?

frank - 05/13/13 - 1:43pm

I really wanted to not like this bike, but it seems like a good build for an UL XC machine. I only wish I had that kind of free time and disposable income to come up with my own mad creations.

1Pro - 05/13/13 - 2:06pm

i love it.

Neil - 05/13/13 - 2:06pm

I’d be more worried about the “sanding and drilling” of the frame to accept the Di2 cables and front mech. The rear derailleur must be able to handle that cassette with the extended hanger or he would have used something else – just hope it doesn’t get taken off by a rock or a root !

ant1 - 05/13/13 - 2:17pm

[enter jealousy-based criticism here]

Mindless - 05/13/13 - 2:33pm

Not sure what is the point of Di2. MTB triggers (or even grip shift) are quite nice… it is the roadies who need better buttons with their shifter’s ergonomics so out of whack.

ccolagio - 05/13/13 - 2:52pm

this type of extreme light weight “off” road bike is not at all for me – but thumbs up to the owner for going all out on an awesome build! i would still love to give this ride a ride!

Whatever - 05/13/13 - 3:41pm

Short cage can’t handle the rear given the gears on the front. BR is fun, but so dumb some times. Short cage can’t even handle some roadie setups. This one isn’t even marginal in whether it might work. It won’t.

Dantrell Eisenstien - 05/13/13 - 4:30pm

All of that time and money went into the bike and the owner couldn’t bother to take decent photos of it? I’m sure the attention to detail is impressive, I just can’t quite tell for sure because everything is either blurry or blown out…

Andrea eliflap - 05/13/13 - 4:55pm

Sorry for pics, I worked all night and when bike was ready, I was very tired …
Next days on my blog better pics …

MMyers - 05/13/13 - 5:00pm

Guy probably likes bikes, not cameras.

Zach - 05/13/13 - 5:17pm

Only request would be to see a 30 clip of the bike on a stand running through the gears. Can they just bring an XTR version out already.

Dave - 05/13/13 - 5:38pm

Whatever, It works. Have a look here, same gearing:

devilish_dwarf - 05/13/13 - 6:42pm

eliflap… 😀
i remember that guy, years ago, from mtbr cannondale forum.
he had some sweet scalpels.
on one, he decided to remove even the paintjob. 😉

MaLóL - 05/13/13 - 8:50pm

I don’t like the saddle, but the rest is great. Awesome ultralight 29er fully rideable and electronic!!!!

Eliflap has an awesome blog. He updates it almost daily, and he is alweys tinkering with his cannondales, both road and mtb. Now he is building a road bike with disc brakes…

nenbran - 05/13/13 - 11:31pm

@Whatever – You have absolutely zero idea what you’re talking about.

Mr. P - 05/14/13 - 12:13am

Nice solutions! I dig it!


Andrea - 05/14/13 - 4:32pm

for Zach : …

a short video for the rear shifting … on my videos, other one for front shifting.

i have some mounting issues for the Vholdr camera …

JonDanger FTW - 05/14/13 - 6:35pm

@ Whatever, (deleted). Have you ever worked on a bike before.

Soren - 05/19/13 - 2:18am

It’s so cool – great work !!

epo pusher - 05/25/13 - 8:58am

best comment…… ultra weight weenie ahahahahahabahah

no doubt. its a hollow tech 3 bike lol

just a shell

i got the chance to ride a 20 lb fs mtb recently. man this think felt super flimsy.

why do people finatisize of gram finatics. all carbon and felt rubbery. like a rubber cand bike.

the hollow chain was rubbery, and the bike put off alot of weird sounds like hollow bamboo.

i dont care for bikes that weigh under 30 lbs. they just feel more like a showcase toy than a actual bike.

the weight only effects climbing. so i just cant relate to gram finatics fronting cf on every part.

i think its just another way to seperate you from your money.


Tim - 08/17/13 - 10:24pm

I picked up an 18 Lbs Flash 1 and got 2 KOM’s on my first ride on my local Laguna Trails. . .

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