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Found on our local trails in Greensboro, NC. What bar do you think this is? Answer will be posted tomorrow with additional photos. **updated** answer and more photos after the break.

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Answer: a Nukeproof bar (looking nothing like their current offerings.) Reportedly, this is the “heavy duty one” that weighs just 150g. It’s carbon wrapped over an alloy bar.




Cymacyma - 05/13/13 - 7:12am

Carbon fiber /w urethane coated handle bar?

Chris. S. - 05/13/13 - 7:14am

Answer Gator handlebar…

BikeArmsRace - 05/13/13 - 7:14am

Handlebar produced by Nukeproof is my answer…when it was a Michigan based company.

Chris. S. - 05/13/13 - 7:14am

seriously… no idea!

Mart - 05/13/13 - 7:42am

Someone who tried to laminate his own carbon fiber handlebar in his garage?

bikeryder85 - 05/13/13 - 7:50am

^^ he’s right, I’d even go as far as to say it’s on a nukeproof brooklyn flyer

TimmyD - 05/13/13 - 7:58am

NukeProof Carbon MTB bar. I had one, on a schwinn High Plains. LOL

Parkcyc - 05/13/13 - 8:05am

Original Michigan made NukeProof carbon handlebar.

pmurf - 05/13/13 - 8:37am

acid rain?

Fatboy - 05/13/13 - 9:06am

repurposed Campy Carbon Record seatpost

MV - 05/13/13 - 9:09am

NukeProof was my first thought…

cube - 05/13/13 - 9:14am

Hemp fiber bar?

fisho - 05/13/13 - 9:15am

Nuke’m Proooooooof!

WannaBeSTi - 05/13/13 - 10:10am

Yokota Mountain Bike!? Awesome! I still have one at home.
Dare I say a steel Salsa stem? We’ve sold 2 in the last couple of months.

Cymacyma - 05/13/13 - 10:19am

Oh… Is that a Nukeproof? Sounds like items in ‘Fall Out’ series haha 😀

MaLóL - 05/13/13 - 10:25am

campy seatpost, a carbon one, with a grip shift 800 x-ray 8 speed on it. And a Marin mtb frame.

MaLóL - 05/13/13 - 10:25am

maybe the frame is a Manitou

Parkcyc - 05/13/13 - 11:12am

The frame is a Yokota, bar, NukeProof, shifters X-rays and the brake levers are dia-compe or a relabeled version of them. Like Ritchey or something. Pedals are onza. Stem is ControlTech. Can’t tell the rest.

Devo - 05/13/13 - 11:19am


slippy - 05/13/13 - 1:53pm

Looks like my old Nukeproof bar, with integrated bar ends!

KJR - 05/13/13 - 3:41pm

That looks like the sketchiest bar ever. Would not trust.

greg - 05/13/13 - 10:35pm

the frame looks like a Yokota Yosemite Comp, probably one of those sold by Nashbar super-cheap back in 1995ish. the dia compe levers look to be SS-7. grip shift xrays in clear, not the replacement smoke housings. some purple bottle cage – Ringle? and everything else that’s already been said…

Gravelo - 05/13/13 - 11:19pm

Nuke Proof bar. Have one in my garage. Sadly, the NP sticker fell off in a muddy Milleville race.

Kristi Benedict - 05/14/13 - 8:12am

Answer: a Nukeproof bar, and reportedly this is the “heavy duty one” that weighs just 150g. It’s carbon wrapped over an alloy bar.

jenbe - 05/14/13 - 4:07pm

looks like a trip to hospital to me, i think those bars need replacing.

Vtham - 08/08/13 - 8:14pm

Does anyone have one? I’m looking to complete a retro build. Please email me at vtham1 at Gmail dot com

Gradient - 08/12/13 - 4:21am

Vtham, I sent you an email

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