One of the best MTB videos ever? Chris Akrigg rides again in Five

As one of our favorite shredders, Chris Akrigg has skills for days no matter what bike he’s on. After a terrible injury falling off the side of a cliff and then breaking his leg again, Akrigg looks to be back 100% after a long recovery. His latest film is one of the best combining seamless transitions from bike to bike, and a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Great to see you back Chris.


NotAMachinist - 05/10/13 - 12:41pm

This guy is good. Really good. But he’s also really fun to watch, like he’s really enjoying what he’s doing.

Way to go Chris!

askar larkinyar - 05/10/13 - 1:01pm

congrates on healing up chris…..

great riding on the blue bike with yellow forks. loved that part going down the stairs on the front wheel and turning.

but only five bikes? noob, my garage is full of different kinds of bikes…lol

ccolagio - 05/10/13 - 2:30pm

he simply chose not to destroy your mind with his actual trials bike or fixie bike – in which he does trials

satisFACTORYrider - 05/10/13 - 2:40pm

akrigg is the simple answer to any current or future arguments on mtb wheel sizes. you can rock anything with skill. zealots need to sit down and stfu.

Bushpilot - 05/10/13 - 5:05pm


Harry - 05/10/13 - 8:26pm

Best bike video Ive ever seen!

David Lawler - 05/10/13 - 8:34pm

That is possibly the best cycling video I have ever seen! Never heard of the guy and haven’t seen a Mongoose here in Oz for ages, think I want one!

John - 05/11/13 - 4:10am

I’d rather watch Chris Akrigg over Danny Macaskill any day! Plus, he’s got some amazing video/producing skills!!

jarod - 05/11/13 - 10:41am

that was dope

jorge - 05/11/13 - 2:39pm

That’s it….time to hang the bike and quit cycling!


Akrigg rips all day!

Yetiman - 05/11/13 - 9:09pm

Thank you Chris, my skills is crap :)

matt - 05/12/13 - 11:08am

Finally, a mtb flick without a berm or dirt jump in sight!

David French - 05/12/13 - 5:27pm

It’s just not fair 😐

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