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Proper Tank Bike


It’s not made of exotic leather, and it won’t hold your bike polo mallet, but this is the one beer carrier I would actually buy/build for a bar bike. Now if only it had a cooler…


Spoke Threads - 05/08/13 - 12:40am

That’s neat, but why stop at four!? There’s scope for a popup bar.

Will - 05/08/13 - 12:58am

I’m getting tired of all these /r/bicycling reposts, especially since you don’t give reddit credit

Rico - 05/08/13 - 1:14am

I got a gimbaled drink holder for my mother’s Rollator. You could put two of them on the bar for a total of six.

Cyrdog - 05/08/13 - 4:50am

Lets get tanked!

Chainsaw - 05/08/13 - 3:48pm

It would look better with a polo mallet mount.

Nash - 05/09/13 - 8:08am

The top tube could be filled with liquid gas and when chilled beer is required a pressure release valve could be opened. Cooling by evaporation. hey presto chilled beer. Pure CFC would work best- ha ha

Ryan - 05/09/13 - 9:34am

Too bad the tank is filled with swill.

BawbP - 05/14/13 - 5:51pm

As this is my bike–I thought I’d provide some info–the frame is a 1950 Schwinn straightbar–and there is only enough room for four 12 ouncers–the leather holder on the seat tube actually hold a bottle of my latest preferance–the tank is filled with the official swill of the slow bike movement–Peebers.

BTW the front hub is a Sturmey Drum–the 62 year old New Departure coaster is sketchy on long downhills @>40 mph.

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