SOC13: Grammo Jumps into Full Suspension with New 650b and 29er Frames

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (17)

New Zealand based carbon company Grammo was hard to miss at Sea otter with a large booth greeting you with bright colors as soon as you entered the show. The biggest news Grammo, was the introduction of a new full suspension bike called the Tere which will be offered in both 29 and 650b options – no 26″. Being from New Zealand, most of Grammo’s names are derived from Maori with Tere meaning fast which is a good name for a bike. The Tere will retail for $1499 for either model, not bad for a carbon frame with 120mm travel.

Dig into the Tere after the break.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (12)

The 29er (blue) and the 650b (black) frames are virtually identical save for the difference in wheel size.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (23) Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (13)

Both bikes will have a threaded bottom bracket, on a frame that is primarily designed for 1x drivetrains. That isn’t to say you can’t run a front derailleur, but you will have to use an E-Type front derailleur which mounts under the BB shell and uses one bolt to attach to the frame which is the small threaded boss pictured above. We speculated that frames designed around 1x systems would become more popular, though the method in which frame manufacturers are going about it is quite different.

On the back end of the bike a modular dropout system allows you to run whatever rear wheel you like from 135mm QR to 142×12.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (22)

The rear brake gets tucked in between the stays which allows for the pivot to be located where it is.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (18)

Half of the cabling is externally routed along the down tube including the rear brake hose and front derailleur cable, while internal routing is offered for the rear derailleur and a dropper post.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (7)

To go along with their 650b Tere and Pako frames, Grammo is offering a carbon 27.5 wheelset with matching graphics. The wheels will be tubeless compatible with rim tape, and will have color matched graphics to the frames.

Grammo 650b 29er full suspension sea otter (25)


Bushpilot - 05/08/13 - 3:51pm

Pretty nice esp. considering the pricing.

Segg - 05/08/13 - 4:51pm

That pivot placement would make Dave Wiggle giggle (…).

Segg - 05/08/13 - 4:53pm

*Weagle sorry

dave - 05/08/13 - 5:10pm

make weagle geagle?

Juice - 05/08/13 - 6:09pm

nice jamis

fanboy - 05/08/13 - 8:35pm

not quite, but pretty damn close.–Suspension-283.html

ntac - 05/08/13 - 10:37pm

Why would Weagle gealge at a Horst link?

IvanmTB - 05/09/13 - 2:04am

That is single pivot, swing link activated not horst link…
Pivon on seatstay, not on chainstay as in HL…


Erik - 05/09/13 - 7:20am

He can’t giggle right now… He is too busy suing everyone. :)

Mindless - 05/09/13 - 12:00pm

China carbon with a very nice paint job and better warranty and QA. Could be worth it.

But I would rather have a chainstay pivot.

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