Winners Don’t Feel Pain

This man is clearly a racer. My first words would have been “is my bike ok?!”


Mild Bill - 05/08/13 - 12:55am

Dude probably blew out of his Speedplay pedals trying to sprint.

Wasaaaaaabi - 05/08/13 - 6:21am

What bottle cage is that? I need it.

Mike - 05/08/13 - 9:20am

Why do roadies make cycling in a straight line look so hard?

Brent - 05/08/13 - 9:34am

I witnessed it. We were doing street sprints in front of the Soundpony Bar in Tulsa. Good Times!

jaas - 05/08/13 - 12:01pm

first posted 2009

wheelz - 05/08/13 - 12:57pm

@Bill: yep, I’ve seen somebody crash on a sprint while popping out of their Speedplay pedals too.

Ajax - 05/08/13 - 2:57pm

Did he just ask, “did I still win?” If so, uh dude. No you crashed. At the finish line. That’s another a win. That’s a FAIL!

Ryan - 05/09/13 - 9:33am

Local shout out to Soundpony!

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