Yuba Mundo Lux Goes CVP with Nuvinci

YubamundoluxeAs the latest bike to go CVP, Yuba’s Mundo Lux joins a growing list of bikes donning the continuously variable hub. For a bike like the Mundo which is designed to carry heavy cargo, the hub makes a lot of sense offering the ability to perfectly dial in the gear ratio that best suits the ride. Even better, if you have to come to a stop unexpectedly, getting a heavy load started in the wrong gear could be an issue – fortunately the NuVinci hub can shift while at a stand still.

Video and more, next.

In addition to the hub, the Mundo NuVinci Lux is build on the lightest Mundo frame to date. With the addition of dynamo powered Spanninga front and rear lights, the Mundo NuVinci Lux is ready to run all of your errands, out of the box, by bike. You can pick up a Mundo Lux for $1,999 in green or matte black from Yuba’s webstore or your local select Yuba dealer.


Quinn - 05/07/13 - 9:21am

I was wondering when a company was going to put the Nuvinci on a stock complete bike…

zombinate - 05/07/13 - 11:46am

This looks, and is spec’d, a lot like the Novara Gotham.


Velo - 05/07/13 - 4:07pm

Too bad about the crazy price.

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