Kickstarter: Siva Cycles Atom Mobile Power Generator

Siva Cycles Atom Mounted on Bike

Adding a power producing generator to your bike always seems like a good idea until you really start looking into the products available.  There are great solutions, but it means you need a new hub, front wheel, and some even require DIY skills to install.  Siva Cycles is out to change all of that with their new Atom mobile bicycle generator.

They have developed a simple, elegant, nearly universal solution to add USB power to your bike.  The device consists of three moving parts, a set of capacitors to regulate electricity output, and it mounts quickly and easy to the rear axle.  The best part, not only will it charge while you ride, it also includes a removable battery you can take with you and use to top off your phone, lights, or any other USB device.

Head past the break for more images and video.  Visit their Kickstarter page for full details and ordering.

Siva Cycles Atom Removable Battery

Siva Cycles Atom Removable Battery




Gunnstein - 05/04/13 - 3:31pm

Another good alternative to the hub dynamo: The Velogical rim dynamo. As efficient as the best hub dynamos (ca 70%). No gears to make noise or wear out, easy to mount, small, light. Page in German, but with link to English PDF:

chris ragland - 05/04/13 - 3:44pm

This has always been a great idea, glad to see its becoming much more acessible.

Erik - 05/05/13 - 12:59am


Greg @ dsw - 05/05/13 - 7:52am

Looks good, but many commuter bikes have disc brakes. Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like it won’t fit disc brake equipped bikes …

Nick Burklow - 05/05/13 - 12:08pm

@Greg – the Kickstarter page states that it will not currently fit a bike with disc brakes (though it may fit on the drive side of the front hub in some cases), but they are actively working on a model that will work with disc brake equipped bikes.

Chris - 05/06/13 - 11:22am

Another option, the slick Supernova “The Plug II” – for those with a bit more cash, and a dynamo front hub:

seank - 05/07/13 - 8:12am

Gears & Bearings + Miles & Road Muck & Rain/Snow – the Velogical would definitely be on my list first

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