SOC13: White Brothers Expands 650b Options, with Brototype All Mountain/Enduro Fork

SOC13: White Brothers Prepares for 650b, with Brototype All Mountain, Enduro Fork

White Brothers + Prototype = Brototype. Awesome. White Brothers is looking to jump into the 27.5 market as well, but they are doing it with one of the longest travel single crown forks we’ve seen, especially with a 15mm axle. Built on a 34mm stanchion chassis, the Brototype will be available in both a 150mm 29er fork, and a 170mm 27.5. Both forks will be internally adjustable up to the specified travel.

SOC13: White Brothers Prepares for 650b, with Brototype All Mountain, Enduro Fork

As one of the most obvious features, MRP is experimenting with a Molybdenum Disulfide coating that gives the stanchions the gold color. Random fact – Colorado is apparently the largest supplier of Molybdenum Sulfide. This is among a few different coatings they are testing, and will chose the one of that offers the best results. We asked if they had any control over the color of the coating, and for this coating at least the answer was no.

If MRP gets close to their 4.3 lb target weight, they will have a killer fork on their hands, especially with external spring ramp and compression adjustment. Of course, to reach their weight target the fork will be equipped with an air spring. The Brototype should see production as a 2014 model and will only be offered in tapered steerers.

SOC13: White Brothers Prepares for 650b, with Brototype All Mountain, Enduro Fork

In other company news, MRP will now be offering their Sram compatible Bling Rings in stealth black. If you were waiting on picking up a Bling Ring because the Bright Dip silver treatment wasn’t your style, now’s your chance.


zombinate - 04/30/13 - 8:31am

I think it is worth noting that White brothers has nothing to “prepare for” when it comes to 650b. For a few years they have been producing the Loop fork which is natively 650b compatible, and comes in sizing from 80mm to 150mm. The Brototype is beefier for Enduro applications, but not the first 650b attempt.

Wave - 04/30/13 - 9:22am

Before the Loop fork was the Fluid. White Brothers was doing 650B before anyone. That’s why all the original Jamis 650B bikes came with White Brothers forks.

josh - 04/30/13 - 10:07am

these were my same thoughts when i saw the article. i thought they were the first to the market not “looking to enter the market”.

notmikeb - 04/30/13 - 10:27am

I think THIS is where 650b belongs, in the 150-170 travel range. Makes perfect sense for that. I’m on board!

Alexander - 04/30/13 - 10:51am

that’s my fork!

Ricky Bob - 04/30/13 - 10:59am

I hope they cut an XX1 compatible bling ring. That would be sweet.

Matt - 04/30/13 - 11:18am

275ers belong on every bike. Let’s get rid of those awkward looking, big hooped, slow turning 29er wheels. Bring on the 275s.

Nakre Nakresson - 04/30/13 - 12:26pm

26ers belong on every bike. Let’s get rid of those awkward looking, big hooped, slow turning 27.5er wheels. Bring on the 26s.

RickyBob - 04/30/13 - 1:25pm

When will you people shut up about which wheel size is better and realize that not everyone wants the same thing. To each their own. Jeeze.

Gillis - 04/30/13 - 2:23pm

RickyBob, the problem with your statement is that no one ever wanted different wheel sizes. A few sought to try it out and then the rest seized the marketing opportunity. There is nothing a larger wheel size can do that the 26″ never could. So a bigger wheel can roll over stuff better? So what? I mtb so I can go roll over stuff – it doesn’t need to be easier. And with all the manicured bike trails popping up suspension barely even matters anymore, let alone wheels.

I realize this is off-topic and I’m beating a dead-horse.

Matt - 04/30/13 - 2:57pm

You will not be able to buy a new 26er in 3 years time. Just busting knowledge on all your heads.

Hey Bro - 04/30/13 - 11:07pm


I agree fully with Rickybob. I’m riding the same 29er hardtail that I’ve been riding since 2006. It’s my only mtb. No one forced it down my throat. I’m 6’3″ and they are simply more proportional to my body size. The north end of Pisgah is far from manicured, and the 29er certainly doesn’t make it too easy. I understand that they aren’t for everyone, and that they might be a little out of proportion if you’re less than 5’6″, but realize that for a lot of folks they work really well, and not everyone rides them because they have been brainwashed by some marketing team.

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