SOC13: New, Prototype Titus Trail & 29er Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes & More

Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er XC mountain bike

It’s been a long, long road for the carbon Titus Rockstar 29er. First shown at Sea Otter in 2011, it was run through prototyping rapidly just after Planet-X/On One bought the brand’s assets.

An alloy model has since been introduced, shipped and reviewed, and finally, the “new” carbon Rockstar 29er is in production. It uses the same carbon rear end as the alloy model and keeps the 100mm travel setup. Frame weight is the same as the alloy model, too, it’s just stiffer. It’s also quite attractive.

Hop past the break for more new bikes from Titus and On One…

Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er XC mountain bike

Some of the paint finish will be tidied up before they ship. Not shown, the downtube has an alloy bash plate on the bottom.

Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er XC mountain bike

Retail is $1,499 for frame and Monarch RT3 shock. Complete bikes start at $2,999 with X9.

Titus El Guapo prototype long travel mountain bike

The Titus El Guapo had two iterations on display. This one’s a 130mm rear El Guapo Trail prototype designed around 160mm fork.

Titus El Guapo prototype long travel mountain bike

Bearings are used at rear dropout pivots rather than bushings like on the Rockstar. Note the rear-facing entry on the dropouts and the one-piece replaceable hanger/threaded insert for the 142×12 rear thru axle. It’s a 26″ frame, but they’re already considering making it a 650B model. Angles and geo are still being finalized, too.

Titus El Guapo 29er long travel mountain bike

In production is the El Guapo 29er is a monstrous 160mm travel mountain bike.

Titus El Guapo 29er long travel mountain bike

It’ll come with the Cane Creek DB Air.

Titus El Guapo 29er long travel mountain bike

Same rear dropout design as the prototype, and built-in ISCG05 tabs.

Titus El Guapo 29er long travel mountain bike

Frame weight with Cane Creek Double Barrel Air shock was 7lb 7oz (3.34kg).

Titus El Guapo 29er long travel mountain bike

Retail is $1,299.

On One Fatty fat bike MTB


This one’s been out for a bit, but I thought it worth posting if only because it’s so cheap:

On One Fatty fat bike MTB


That’s not a show special, and everything they sell, from spare parts to complete bikes, has free shipping.


bikeguy - 04/30/13 - 12:25pm

Titus Stumpy FSR 29er?

Watchtower - 04/30/13 - 12:26pm

My riding buddy’s Titus Motolite suffered catastrophic frame failure where the shock mounts to the top tube.

No thanks Titus.

RC - 04/30/13 - 1:01pm

The Fatty is one awesome performer. Highly recommended- I have one of the first shipment.

Chad - 04/30/13 - 11:04pm

The carbon rockstar looks like nice bike, I’m just not sold on 29″ wheels. I’ll stick with my 09 racer x for now.

UKrider - 05/01/13 - 4:28pm

“Angles and geo are still being finalized, too” essentially a lucky dip with titus bikes.

yesplease - 05/02/13 - 12:08am

Titus has been dead to me for years. Sorry but with the 100 other choices out there, Titus never makes it into my top 5 when looking for my next bike. Curious how long they can keep the brand afloat.

NE - 05/02/13 - 5:28am

What happend to Watchtowers friend, happended to me too. My FTM carbon had a big crack around the toptub connection to the shock. Had a carbon-expert check it out and it was defenetly a failure in the frame/carbon construction. Titus said no, and blamed it on a probabel crash (which didn’t happend). This from 2012 season with X-planet owners.

I’d say stay away from Titus. Nice looking frames, fun riding, but bad quality(on carbon at least) and sh*tty customerservice.

jon thomas - 05/03/13 - 3:03pm

Best deal around for big sticky 29er tires on their website.

pimpbot - 05/31/13 - 10:36pm

I dunno what all the fussiness is about. I’ve been on a RacerX29er for the last 4 years, and I love it. Great handling, great climbing bike. I’m just now upgrading to a Rockstar for a bit more travel. I love 4 bar suspension, but don’t love Specialized so much.

Bronwyn - 09/10/13 - 3:22pm

Have had the Carbon RockStar 29er since Feb and have put over 1,000 XC miles on it without much problem. A few recommendations to On-One/TITUS/Planet-X to improve things:

1. Provide for routing FD and dropper cables through the top tube and RD cable and brake line through the down tube to stop the bowing out during frame compression
2. Provide a more eloquent solution for fixing the cable and brake line to the chainstay
3. Raise the BB and shorten the chainstay a little
4. A through-axle rear dropout option
5. Listen to your customers and simplify your company branding!

luis M. - 11/09/13 - 8:50pm

Carbon Rockstar owner. Frame is solid as a Rock! Makes a great trail bike with 120 fork.

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