SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to Your Door

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

Custom spec’d 650b, and straight to your door – that’s how Fezzari is planning to approach the onslaught of the new wheels.

Looking to carve out their niche in the market, Fezzari has been operating as a consumer-direct bicycle company out of Utah for eight years now. Wanting to offer more than just a cheap bike that is shipped directly to the end user, Fezzari employs what they refer to as their 23 Point Custom Setup, which includes things like changing handlebar width, stem length, seatpost offset, crank length and more based on the measurements you provide. Each bike is then assembled, tuned, and even test ridden to ensure that once it arrives it is mostly ready to roll.

Joining the growing list of 650b suppliers, Fezzari had 4 new bikes on hand, including two 650b trail bikes that looked very interesting.

Scale the new peaks after the break…

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

Continuing Fezzari’s naming structure of calling their full suspension bikes by the name of surrounding mountain peaks, the new Timp Peak carbon 27.5 trail bike is named after Mount Timpanogos which Tyler Cloward says is right out their back door. It’s fitting then that the Timp Peak should be what looks to be a very capable 150mm travel trail/AM bike. Built up with the mid-high end build kit seen here it weighs in at 26.9 (12.2kg) pounds. Sure, it was running Reynolds new AM 27.5 carbon wheels, but there were definitely a few places that lighter parts could still be added – meaning this should be a very competitive bike in the 27.5 carbon arena.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

The Timp Peak runs internal cable routing for brakes and shifters, but leaves the dropper post and rear shock lock out cables to be run externally. Features on the frame include a 142×12 rear axle, tapered head tube, Shimano Pressfit BB. It has a 67º HTA, and 73º STA. In order to get to the 4.9lb claimed frame weight, the Timp Peak uses a full carbon construction, including the rocker link. Cloward said they use a proprietary, 3D printed inner mandrel that is made of interlocking parts so that once the frame is molded they can remove all of the pieces and use it again. This new molding process allows them to squeeze more of the excess resin from the carbon and produce a tighter wrapping of the carbon around each mandrel.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

While essentially a linkage driven single pivot design, the use of the lower shock mount as the location for the main pivot is interesting. The down tube features an additional carbon plate for added impact resistance.

As shown here with the Reynolds AM Carbon wheels, Fox 34 Talas Kashima with remote, Fox CTD rear, XT/XTR build and Reverb dropper, the Timp Peak will sell for $5,399, with an August availability. Of course, due to Fezzari’s business model you can up or down spec the bike to meet your needs.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

Even though the Timp Peak was the show stopper, Cloward acknowledged that for many people the thought of a $5k bike is out of reach. So, the new Nebo Peak offers a 650b alloy trail bike at a much more affordable $3k with full X9 build, and $2k for an SLX build.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

The Nebo has slightly less travel at 140mm, but still offers a 142×12 rear axle and tapered head tube with trail oriented 67.5º HTA and 72.5º STA geometry. As a carry over from the 26 inch version of the Nebo Peak, the standout feature is that even with bigger wheels Fezzari was able to lower the standover almost two inches. As a hydroformed alloy frame the Nebo will run external housing routed along the downtube, and runs a threaded bottom bracket with ISCG tabs.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

Full suspension 650b wasn’t the only thing worth showing. This carbon 29er hardtail called the Solitude will soon be offered as well. As in this week. Spec’d with a full XT kit and Stan’s Arch wheels (not the XX1, Reynolds kit shown here), the Solitude will sell for $2,600.

SOC13: Fezzari Custom Builds 650b, Straight to your Door

The odd man out as it’s not 650b, is the new Cascade Peak 29er which will be very similar to the Nebo Peak, and will not be salmon pink. Apparently when the factory mis-reads the color code by one number you get pink instead of grey – which will be the production color.


ThinkPPL - 04/29/13 - 8:22am

The hose routing to the rear shock is terrible for all models…just kinda out there like the lockout seemed like a good idea after the frame was engineered to be without. Plus, on the carbon model it moves with the rear shock…so lame.

Jake - 04/29/13 - 10:33am

A sickening amount of cables on that Timp. Nice other than the bird’s nest up front.

sweet - 04/29/13 - 11:21am

I hope they keep these simple paint schemes. Look great!

Slow Joe Crow - 04/29/13 - 11:45am

@Jake, yeah, the current setup appears to involve 7 cables/hoses which seems like overkill. I’m not sure why you would need remote lockouts on an AM bike so by running SRAM XXI and ditching the suspension remotes you could get by with 4 lines off the bars, 2 brake hoses, rear der and dropper post.

Mindless - 04/29/13 - 2:38pm

DO I see Horst link rear on that trail bike? Nice.

deanopatoni - 04/29/13 - 3:47pm

Horst-Link patent expires this month…welcome to America monsieur Lapierre zesty, and others…

Throttlemire - 04/29/13 - 4:21pm

No internal DP cable routing on a new carbon frame. So three years ago.

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