SOC13: Industry Nine Adds Torch Road Bike Wheels, Broader Mountain Bike Lineup

Industry Nine alloy gravity trail enduro and ultralight xc mountain bike wheels with new Torch hubs

In January, Industry Nine unveiled their first major hub redesign with the new Torch hubs. They debuted alongside their new Trail rims. Now, the the road wheels get their own Torch hubs, and the mountain bike rim offerings grow to four.

The new models are the Ultralight, Enduro and Gravity, and all are offered only as complete wheels. Internal rim widths now go from 21.3mm (Ultralight) to 23.4mm (Trail) to 26mm (Enduro) to a whopping 28.5mm (Gravity). All but the Gravity are offered in all three wheel diameters. The Ultralight is a 24 hole wheel with a 32 hole coming soon for 29″ only. The Trail is available in 24 or 32 hole drillings, the Enduro is 32 hole, and the Gravity is 32 hole with thicker gauge spokes and only for 26″ and 29er. If demand is there, bet on a 27.5″ coming soon.

Weights and more below…

Industry Nine alloy gravity trail enduro and ultralight xc mountain bike wheels with new Torch hubs

Wheelset weights, without valve stems or rim tape, are claimed at:

  • Ultralight: 26″ (1,300g), 27.5″ (1350g), 29er (1410g)
  • Trail 24 hole: 26″ (1,410g) , 27.5″ (1,460g), 29er (1520g)
  • Trail 32 hole: 26″ (1,510g), 27.5″ (1,570g), 29er (1610g)
  • Enduro: 26″ (1,620g), 27.5″ (1,660g), 29er (1725g)
  • Gravity: 26″ (1,810g with 150 hub), 29er (1,900g with 135/142 hubs)

All weights are with standard 9/10 speed free hub bodies. XX1 will shave a few grams.

Industry Nine alloy gravity trail enduro and ultralight xc mountain bike wheels with new Torch hubs

All wheelsets are $1170 for stock base colors, regardless of wheel size. Stock colors are all black, red hub/spokes with black rim and all silver, including the rim. Custom colors start at $150 for a single color, $250 for two or more.

Industry Nine new Torch hub road bike wheels

The new Torch series road wheel system uses the same external Teflon seals and larger radius drive ring and pawls as the MTB system but drops to three pawls instead of six. That still leaves it with just 6° of engagement, pretty tight compared to most road hubs. It’s designed from the ground up as an 11-speed system, with spacers for 10-speed cassettes. The drive side is favored with a 2:1 spoke placement with a virtual four-cross lacing pattern on the drive side and straight pull on the non drive. This set up accommodates the 2mm loss in bracing angle caused by the wider free hub body. It also provides even spoke tension from side to side.

Industry Nine new Torch hub road bike wheels

Jacob at I9 says the result is a wheelset that is almost 30% stiffer laterally in the rear and 30g lighter per set for the i25 tubeless pair.

Retail is $1100 for stock colors. They’re working on some new carbon products that should be available soon, built with Reynolds’ new aero road rims.


Shane - 04/22/13 - 11:51am

Is the Enduro rim still a single cavity rim or is it a triple cavity? Any rim profile pics? ETA on the Enduros?

wheelguy - 04/22/13 - 12:02pm

I’ve had three months of heavy use on my I9 Trail 24-spoke 29er wheels on my Jet 9 RDO. I’m using them for 50 mile endurance races and everyday riding. I ride them on all types of trails and I ride them very hard (I have a DH background). They are as solid as can be, and very light. Mine weighed 1570 g with tubeless tape and valves. Not bad for decently wide rims at that price.

Brian - 04/24/13 - 6:29am

Torch weights?

rich - 04/25/13 - 9:57am

Wheelguy, i am surprised you didn’t go with the 32 hole Torch/Trail. You are happy with 24 or do you think you should have gone with 32? How much do you weigh?

dave - 05/07/13 - 5:27pm

Brian –

These are all Torch system weights. Torch refers to the new generation hub and wheel systems.

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