SOC13: Formula 35 Suspension Fork Design Finalized for 27.5″ & 29er

Formula 35 suspension fork for 650b and 29er mountain bikes

Formula’s 35 suspension fork design is final, and it’s coming in for 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. The 33, which we reviewed here, remains the 26″ wheeled option.

The 27.5″ will come as a 140mm fork and have the parts to convert to 120 or 160. The travel is adjusted internally, but they say it’s super easy to add or remove spacers. It uses a closed cartridge, so you just remove the lowers and snap it off or on the cartridge.

The damping cartridge can be removed from the top for easy repair or replacement.

The 29er gets 100/120/140mm travel options. UPDATED: Weight is claimed at 2,750g approximately 1700g. They don’t have final weights for the 27.5″ yet Claimed weight for the 27.5″ fork is approximately 1,650g, final weight TBD…


The top has three separate controls, one for lockout (gold lever), compression (blue) and lockout blowoff force (red). The latter is a tooled adjustment using a small Allen key, which is conveniently located on the removable rebound knob on the bottom of the leg.

They should be available in August, in black or white and only with tapered steerers and 15mm thru axle.


Caspar - 04/21/13 - 12:00pm

2750gr for a 140mm 29er fork !
While 35mm legs sounds nice I think Ill stick to my 20mm revelation thank you.

MMyers - 04/21/13 - 12:31pm

Yeah, that’s over 6 pounds. Gotta be a misprint, correct?

Mindless - 04/21/13 - 1:17pm

2750g for 100mm 29er fork? Is that a joke?

ron hans erez - 04/21/13 - 1:58pm

it look like a mistake on wieght , can some one reply on that

MissedThePoint - 04/21/13 - 2:17pm

More pics please. I’d like to see some of the dropouts, axle, the inside of the brake post mounts, behind the arch, the seals, underside of crown, under each leg, etc.

mountguitars - 04/21/13 - 2:29pm

controls look like its a good place to hide some dirt.

KJR - 04/21/13 - 2:37pm

100mm 29er fork that’s heavier than the new Marzocchi DH fork? WTF…

Sir Eddy - 04/21/13 - 3:38pm

Bike Rumor making a mistake? Surely not…. 1750g would be damn light for a 35mm fork. Let’s hope so.

Diego - 04/21/13 - 8:13pm

Last year they were anticipating a weight around 1600g for they 35 line. I think the correct weight is 1750 and not 2750g (and I hope so). They 33 forks are impresively light too.

Solo - 04/21/13 - 11:16pm

Yes, the weight is 1750g NOT 2750g, just check other news outlets. 650b version will be some 50g lighter.

In a nut shell, much lighter than a F34 and if it is anything like the ThirtyThree, it will stiffers and way smoother too, for sure.

Mindless - 04/22/13 - 12:53am

@MissedThePoint: Keep your bedtimes fantasies for yourself.

Jason - 08/30/13 - 5:42pm

Mine is on the way! Can’t wait to ride it

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