SOC13: Crank Brothers Updates Kronolog Dropper Post, Prototype 650B Iodine Wheels

crank brothers Kronolog updated

Crank Brothers has made a couple small running changes to their Kronolog dropper seatpost.

The key to proper set up is not having the cable pulled too tight. That can keep the retention teeth set on the edge of release, which may result in slippage or having the post creep back up after you drop it.

To make it easier to know when cable tension is set properly, a small green bit inside the cable port on the lever shows when it’s slack enough. The adjuster barrel lets you pull it tight, clamp the cable, then fine tune the tension until its right.

Close up pics, other changes, and a spy shot of their upcoming 650b wheels, after the break…

crank brothers Kronolog updated

This shows it halfway to the proper set up. Full green and you’re good to go.

crank brothers Kronolog updated

The last bit of housing going into the post has been reinforced and made more durable. Our test unit has suffered from cracked cable housing, which was apparently not uncommon given the tight bends some installs require. This should remedy that.

prototype Crank Brothers Iodine 650b 27-5 mountain bike wheels tested on team race bikes

The Race Club 11 women were racing on prototype Crank Brothers 27.5″ wheels, which we’re guessing will make their way to production as a late year or early 2014 offering. The hubs looked the same as the rest of the line. These are the cross country hoops, but it’s logical the wheels will span the range to All-Mountain if not DH.


fanboy - 04/21/13 - 11:19pm


crank brothers.


Dizzle - 04/22/13 - 1:55am

Yea right? Are there still suckers out there who buy this junk? Hey, if you make bad components just anodize them to look pretty and they’ll sell.

vhom - 04/22/13 - 4:21pm

CB1:People are no longer buying our dropper posts.
CB2:What shall we do then?
CB1:I got an idea, we’ll just add colors. People like colors. Cheaper than trying to make a proper working dropper.

vhom - 04/22/13 - 4:21pm

CB1:People are no longer buying our dropper posts.
CB2:What shall we do then?
CB1:I got an idea, we’ll just add colors. People like colors. Cheaper than trying to make a proper working dropper.

Hells YEAH!!!! - 04/22/13 - 4:59pm

Do the Crank Bros wheels suck? I would never buy a dropper post from them but the wheels look really cool and I haven’t heard to many bad things about them. I didn’t like the Mallets but I am a spd dude, however.

Mindless - 04/22/13 - 5:23pm

It will take a LOT of positive reported long term user experience for me to ever trust Crank Brothers about ANY product they make.

jenbe - 04/22/13 - 5:44pm

yep this one just comes with a refund in the box.

fanboy - 04/22/13 - 7:15pm

the wheels, while not quite as bad as the dropper posts, is like all CB products.

plenty of show. great looking. nice packaging.

doomed to fail.

Harry - 04/23/13 - 8:31am

Been using Candy Pedals for three years and the Kronolog for about a year.
While I am a fairly mellow rider, I do ride a lot.
No problems w/ the pedals, and with proper set-up, the Kronolog has been a pleasure.
Cable tension is the key to good operation, and I’m glad that CB is addressing it in the 2.0
with a fairly straight forward indicator.

Maybe I’m a sucker. I guess I’ll have to have to come to grips with it while I’m ACTUALLY riding today.

troupe - 04/23/13 - 1:20pm

been on the cb wheels since version 1, which while i didnt have any problems, others did with the freehub. version 2 wheels have been fantastic. super stiff and reliable – a great training and racing wheelset. my kronolog has been just a good. they key is to keep it clean after each ride. i hit it with a clean towel just like my fork or shock after any ride and its good to go. crankbrothers may of had some issues, but i feel they’ve turned it around and are back on track.

fanboy - 04/23/13 - 10:09pm

to those that like the wheels, try getting a spare rim for one. I had one of my best customers wait 5 months for one.

and hell, that’s glossing over the poor design aspect. Let’s use paired spoking.
(works a treat right? that’s why Shimano binned it after what… one season)

oh wait, that means extra load on the rim over a wider span between the spokes. I know, let’s just beef up the rim. winning!

What’s that? “rotating weight” what’s that? We’ll drop the weight elsewhere. How about we use silly long coloured nipples. We know the customers like colours right?


they could have just used 32 spokes laced 3 cross and built a stiffer, stronger, easier to get spares for and CHEAPER wheel.

But it wouldn’t have had pretty colours.

I truly can’t believe that people still spend money on this rubbish.

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