SOC13: Hutchinson Secteur 28 Road Tubeless Gets Official, Weighed

After years in development, and a prototype that surfaced at Frost Bike, the Hutchinson Secteur 28 is finally here. According to Hutchinson, this is the tire that started out as the 28mm Intensive tubeless that FDJ has been seen riding a few years back and have been sort of in development/hibernation mode until they were convinced the market needed or wanted the bigger size. Based on feed back we’ve heard, bigger tubeless tires are certainly in demand and by first impressions Hutchinson has delivered.

Jump past the break for actual weights!

As a 28, the Secteur comes in lighter than some 25mm tires we’ve seen at 285g. That makes them pretty competitive with Bontrager’s TLR tires which weigh 270g for a 25. We’ll get these mounted up and actually measured to see just how wide they really are, but in person at Sea Otter, they looked like they could be a true 28mm.

First impressions as per the casing, is that in your hand at least it feels quite supple which should lead to great road feel, grip, and rolling resistance.

While Protect’air Max is not new, we were unaware of the neat little trick the bottle has hidden in the cap. Built wih a similar valve you would find on a fancy ketchup bottle, you can take out your valve core (or even leave it in) and press the bottle down over the top of the valve. The cap will keep the sealant in, until it’s over the valve and you can squeeze the necessary amount into the tire based on the gradients on the side of the bottle.


Gil - 04/19/13 - 9:26am

It’s amazing that no one has cornered this market for tubeless road/commuter tires. WTB and Geax have great products like their TNT and TCS tires that could be slimmed down a bit to meet the need of a road tubeless tire. That’s where the money is, IMHO………

g - 04/19/13 - 9:44am

Really looking forward to your follow up article with tires mounted and actual measurements. Even if only 26-27mm, it’s still a HUGE improvement over what’s available now.

dgaddis - 04/19/13 - 10:38am

Plan on trying these ASAP on my commuter.


CBontheEVO - 04/19/13 - 10:39am

I need these now for a gravel ride in a month. When can we buy these?

ACE - 04/19/13 - 12:15pm

Can this tire be repaired on the side of the road or do you call for help every time you get a puncture?

Matt - 04/19/13 - 12:51pm

Ace, really? You always have to carry a tube and can use it to fix a flat. THe benefit is that you will hardly ever have a flat again. Tubeless is the best.

Nick - 04/19/13 - 12:58pm

In my experience, Hutchinson 25’s measure closer to 23, so maybe these will be closer to 25-26 (and bonus, still fit in my frame.) I’m a huge fan and recent convert to tubeless, looking forward to trying these suckers out.

Taylor - 04/19/13 - 1:09pm

Any input on the Protect Air vs. Stan’s?

Wojtek G - 04/19/13 - 1:23pm

I’m afraid TNT and TCS are far from Road Tubeless.

Road Tubeless must be manufactured with MUCH more precision as the pressures used in road tires are much higher. I do agree, however, that Road Tubeless is a very useful solution somewhere in between tubulars and clinchers. Who knows, maybe that’s the future of road tires!

JCL - 04/19/13 - 4:08pm

Well if the past 2 years is the future then hell I was in the future for the last 2 years :-)

Velo - 04/19/13 - 8:25pm

Assuming it’s really a 28C, this tire is one of the very lightest out there.

Add the weight of a tube to the below numbers to compare:

Serfas STK-RS Folding Seca Road Tires 700 x 28C 230g
Grand Bois Extra Léger 700 x 32C 232g
Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 700 x 28C 235g
Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 700 x 28C 245g
Grand Bois Cerf Green 700 x 29C 248g
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 700 x 28C 260g
Panaracer T-Serve 700 x 28C 270g
Challenge Parigi Roubaix Clincher 700 x 27C 280g
Panaracer Pasela TG 700 x 28C 280g
Vittoria Open Pavè CG 700 x 27C 280g
Schwalbe Durano 700 x 28C 290g
Grand Bois Cyprès 700 700 x 32C 290g
Specialized ROUBAIX PRO 700 x 25/28C 300g
Kenda Kwick Roller Sport L3R 700 x 28C 300g
Maxxis Detonator 700 x 28C 310g
Maxxis Re-Fuse 700 x 28C 320g
Panaracer Pasela 700 x 28C 320g
Challenge Eroica 700 x 30C 320g
Continental Grand Prix 700 x 28C 320g
Bontrager RL All Weather Plus 700 x 28C 320g
Schwalbe Kojak 700 x 35C 330g
Serfas STK Seca Wire Bead Road Tire 700 x 28C 330g
Michelin Dynamic Sport 700 x 28C 340g
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite 700 x 28C 340g
Continental Ultra Sport 700 x 28C 350g
Panaracer T-Serve 700 x 32C 350g
Vittoria Voyager Hyper 700 x 32C 350g
Continental Ultra Sport 700 x 28C 350g
Panaracer Pasela TG 700 x 32C 360g
Kenda Kwick Roller Sport L3R/Iron Cap 700 x 28C 360g
Continental GatorSkin 700 x 28C 360g
Bontrager R1 Road 700 x 28C 360g
Panaracer RiBMo PT 700 x 28C 370g
Continental GatorSkin 700 x 32C 380g
Bontrager Race All Weather Plus 700 x 28C 380g
Bontrager Race Lite Hard-Case 700 x 28C 385g
Serfas HHP Tuono Hybrid Tire 700 x 32C 390g
Vredestein Fiammante DuoComp (rigid) 700 x 28C 390g
Panaracer Pasela 700 x 32C 390g
Vittoria Voyager Hyper 700 x 35C 395g
Vittoria Zaffiro 700 x 28C 400g
Panaracer RiBMo PT 700 x 32C 400g
Specialized Espoir Sport 700 x 28C 405g
Continental GatorHardshell 700 x 28C 410g
Bontrager R1 Road 700 x 32C 410g
Bontrager T2 Road 700 x 28C 410g
Serfas STKB Survivor Seca S Tire 700 x 28C 420g
Continental Speed RIDE 700 x 42C 420g
Bontrager Race Lite Hard-Case 700 x 32C 425g
Nashbar Streetwise Road Tire 700 x 35C 430g
Continental GatorHardshell 700 x 32C 435g
Bontrager Race All Weather Hard-Case 700 x 28C 435g
Specialized Espoir Sport 700 x 30C 440g
Specialized All Condition Armadillo 700 x 28C 440g
Continental SuperSport Plus 700 x 28C 450g
Freedom ThickSlick Sport 700 x 28C 467g
Freedom ThickSlick Delux 700 x 28C 487g
Freedom ThickSlick Elite 700 x 28C 503g

Frank - 04/19/13 - 9:15pm

Can you use road tubeless tires with Mavic Ksyrium rims? These tires make me want to jump on the bandwagon.

I have use my Ksyriums with CX tires up to 40 psi, I’m curious if they could hold a tire at 80psi.

Jason - 04/19/13 - 11:45pm

The tire measures 28.1mm on my Dura Ace C24 wheels.
Super supple 127tpi casing.
Available in USA shops at the end of next week! April 26th.

Dale - 04/20/13 - 4:30am

I ride the 25mm intensives, atoms, fusions, padrones…

They are convenient but nowhere near the feel of fmb or vittoria tubs.

Wojtek G - 04/20/13 - 10:46am

@Frank – absolutely not. Ksyriums only have a flat rim bed but they are NOT tubeless rims as the “bead seat” part is not properly shaped. Using them as tubeless rims might be dangerous.

jdog - 04/20/13 - 8:53pm

I have been using Mavic Kysrium SL wheels setup tubeless for years. No issue. I also have had very good luck with Hed c2 rims. For what it is worth the boys at Stans go as far as to say that any road rim can be used with a tubeless tire.

Tubes are so silly.

Wojtek G - 04/21/13 - 1:26am

But you’ve been using Stan’s tubeless kit, right? Because that’s what Stan’s say: you can use any rim, but only when you use their tubeless kit which actually forms a proper bead seat at the rim’s edge. You can’t just use Ksyrium SL wheels taken out of the box.

T. Guy - 04/23/13 - 10:58am

Wow, Wojtek G, maybe you should just give this whole road tubeless thing a try! You might find that you’ve been missing out on “the future of road tires”.

IMHO, Mavic Ksyriums would seem too narrow a rim for a 28c tire, but I would not hesitate to run them on my 25.4mm carbon rims, with or without a Stans kit on the rim, just whatever taping is required to get the tire to seat in.

I can’t wait to get these Hutchinsons on my tandem!

Dave Schroeder - 04/24/13 - 8:18pm

Dang, at ~285 grams I may just switch to these for all types of riding… commuting, training, whatever. I ride the Fusion 3s now and they average around 300 grams or so. Can’t wait to try these.

Dave - 05/07/13 - 4:25pm

For any of you guys wanting to try these out… I found a shop in Texas that has 18 in stock… They had 60 yesterday according to a sales rep there. I just bought a pair. Get em while they got em!

I’d call or email first to make sure they still have them before ordering.

Good luck guys!

Dave - 05/07/13 - 5:12pm

You can buy em here. They have about 18 left last I checked…

D Allen - 06/15/13 - 10:31pm

Anyone measure how tall the Secteur 28 is? Are there any road calipers it may not fit?

JohnK - 06/28/13 - 7:00pm

Just put these on last weekend and have done a couple of rides on them. First ride was 60 miles, 4 hours. I ran them at about 80 psi and they felt pretty good. Last night I went out on a short section of rough road and played with tire pressure. Ran them all the way down to 60psi which still felt pretty good, even over some pretty nasty potholes. I’m going out this weekend for another 60 mi, 4hr ride and will start out @ 60psi to see how it goes. Also, note that the actual width as measured on my DT Tricon 1450 wheels is 26.5mm.

C East - 07/09/13 - 10:29am

I know I’m a little late to respond, but Wojtek is wrong. Frank, you can use Ksyriums with tubeless. I mounted Intensives by hand (no levers), inflated them with a hand pump and no sealant. They rode fantastically with no flats until threadbare. When one finally flatted, it stayed on the rim and I rode safely to a stop.

Chris Hayes - 05/29/14 - 11:20am

I’m thinking of squeezing some S28s onto my Hed Belgium rims which will then (hopefully) fit my Litespeed Siena frame for the Paris Roubaix in a few weeks. Has anyone any experience of this set up – I guess my main concern is that I’ve read that tubeless tyres can be so tight that they can afftect spoke tensions….

This latter point would be a worry if true.



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