Niner Adds Wider 780mm Carbon RDO Flat Top Handlebar

Niner has just added a wider 780mm option for their lightweight RDO Flat Top carbon fiber handlebars.

The Flat Top bars have a +/-5mm rise thanks to an offset center section. Those looking to lower their cockpit just that extra little bit (your stem is already slammed, right?) can run it upside down. Center logos face either way on alternating sides, so no matter what everyone’ll know you’re rockin’ RDO.

The original 710mm is still available, too, and the two weigh in at 156g and 193g respectively, pretty darn good for a carbon bar with  a five year warranty. Cut marks are printed on them, letting you shave 30mm off per side (60mm total) if you wanna get all Euro XC on it. Retail is $99 $199.99 and it’ll come in all the RDO colors to match their frames, forks, posts and stems.


Niner Bikes - 04/17/13 - 9:16am

MSRP on the Flat Top RDO is $199, not $99 as stated above. Cheers!

Niner rider - 04/17/13 - 9:48am

Thanks for clarifying. I almost fell off my chair

dicky - 04/17/13 - 10:07am

Damn, I was gonna order like fifty of them at $99 per…

Niner Bikes - 04/17/13 - 11:59am

Dicky, if you want to order 50 we can probably work out a deal. 😉

wheelguy - 04/17/13 - 12:10pm

Kudos to Niner for recognizing this need in the market! I recently built up my first XC race bike and had a difficult time finding any flat carbon handle bars over 720mm wide. Ended up with new Thomson carbons (740mm), but wish there was something a bit wider out there. These will sell like hotcakes.

Scott - 04/17/13 - 8:47pm

How do people ride with bars this wide??
I use 600mm bars they are plenty wide. I still hit trees, I have no idea how you get a 780mm bar between closely spaced trees.

ascar larkinyar - 04/17/13 - 11:50pm

780mm bars? trails just got a lot more narrow…lol

these ought to make the really tall guys happy

rich - 04/20/13 - 6:28am

scott, you use the handlebars to ‘steer’ thereby avoiding the trees.

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