FSA K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brakes Spotted!

FSA K-Force hydraulic disc brakes on Feenstra Felt Kenda team mountain bikes

These new FSA K-Force hydraulic disc brakes were spotted handling slow-down duties on a Feenstra Felt p/b Kenda team mountain bike.

FSA has a broad line of road bike rim brake calipers and cantilevers for ‘cross, but this is their first move into hydraulics and mountain bike offerings. Given the range of cockpit and crankset parts, it could be a move to bolster their OEM placements, but perhaps they’re hiding some sick new tech in there that would make for compelling aftermarket consideration. Although these aren’t on the list of new products they’ll show at Sea Otter, we’ll see what we can find out. More pics below.

Thanks to Langdon for the tip!

FSA K-Force hydraulic disc brakes on Feenstra Felt Kenda team mountain bikes

Looks to have a pretty decently sized master cylinder with easily accessible bleed port…though it does look like it may sit a bit below where any air bubbles would gravitate.

FSA K-Force hydraulic disc brakes on Feenstra Felt Kenda team mountain bikes

Clever placement of the reach adjust knob appears to let it fit directly next to Grip Shift shifters, something even Avid’s tool-free reach adjust won’t do.

FSA K-Force hydraulic disc brakes on Feenstra Felt Kenda team mountain bikes

The calipers look to have large diameter pistons.


Steven - 04/17/13 - 7:16am

Always exciting to have more brake options

Brattercakes - 04/17/13 - 9:33am


Bog - 04/17/13 - 10:53am

Looking at the details of the brake lever blade, caliper and fittings I’m guessing that these are made by Avid/Sram which can’t be a good thing. Hopefully FSA designers got involved to work out some issues.

Taylar - 04/17/13 - 2:18pm

I think FSA is part of the problem, not the solution…

Mindless - 04/17/13 - 3:10pm

Full Speed Ahead… brakes?

Mindless - 04/17/13 - 3:13pm

Why can’t manufactures just use the same pad for the same type of brake?

Like make it compatible with Formula R1 pad or current Shimano finned pad – with plenty of third party options. Half a dozen options should cover everything – including two pot brakes.

fhfr436 - 04/17/13 - 3:23pm

I agree that it’d be nice, but I’d imagine that there’s a patent/proprietary design issue with sharing the pad designs between brands. Now, sharing between models, hell yeah.

Mindless - 04/17/13 - 4:45pm

I doubt you could patent a shape of metal with a hole in it and some pad. That is why third party pads are easily available.

Greg - 04/17/13 - 9:03pm

the shimano xtr975 generation of pad fitment was starting to be used by other companies, which i thought was great. these look very similar in shape to the current m985 pads.
lots of red aluminum hardware- i wonder what forces they are testing their brakes to.
caliper banjo is on the non-preferred (aka wrong) side.
kinda bulky, i doubt it’s that light. and do we really need another “trail” bike brake?

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