Prototype Geax Ultralight Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires Spotted

prototype Geax Saguaro Evo team 290tpi tubeless mountain bike tires

Geax was one of the first to put out a tubular mountain bike tire, an item that remains mostly in the pro realm, but as with all top end technologies, they tend to serve as proving grounds for concepts that make their way to normal items soon enough.

That appears to be the case here, with new Saguaro Evo team prototype tires showing up at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek under local fast guy Tommy Rodgers. Geax’s normal tubeless tires are made with 120tpi casings, but he said these use a much, much higher thread count, likely matching  coming closer to the 290tpi cotton casings found in the tubulars. He said they felt amazingly soft and compliant, even at 30psi (a higher pressure than he normally runs).  The “EVO” looked handwritten and could be the moniker for the new top-level tubeless offering.

UPDATE: Just spoke with Geax brand manager Ken Avery who had this to say: “These have a new ultralight casing based on our TNT (tube-no tube) tubeless technology. It’s a very limited run made for a few folks in the US, and it’s super lightweight while still being fully tubeless and offering good sidewall protection. We’re doing a controlled test, there’s no release date planned for this year. It’s an early stage prototype. I can’t say what the thread count is, but they’re higher than 120tpi but not as high as our tubulars.”

Additional pics below…

prototype Geax Saguaro Evo team 290tpi tubeless mountain bike tires

prototype Geax Saguaro Evo team 290tpi tubeless mountain bike tires


Argh - 04/08/13 - 11:41am


OlyOop - 04/08/13 - 11:47am

Same tread and profile as the Saguaro, which rock here in the dry southwest. Very interested in these.

ds - 04/08/13 - 12:14pm

“Prototype Geax Ultralight”

…but no weight ?

Adrian - 04/08/13 - 12:42pm

I understand the interest in the weight, but if it’s currently a non-production run, I can see why they’d be silent on the weight front. Things change.

Kalo BDS Cycling - 04/08/13 - 12:54pm

I run with the Saguaro white collection and is awesome. Cant wait to have a lighter Saguaro!

Tyler (Editor) - 04/08/13 - 1:41pm

Adrian’s right, it’s too early for them to be making weight claims on this one since it won’t even be on the market for at least a year.

Charles - 04/09/13 - 6:24am

Tommy had the best lap time at Warrior Creek which wasn’t surprising of course.

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