Sneak Peek at the Asylum Cycles Rogue Brewery limited-­edition Meuse

Sneak Peek at the Asylum Cycles Rogue Brewery limited-­edition Meuse
Marc recently covered Asylum cycles’ rebirth with Chris Currie at the forefront, and announced their disc equipped cyclocross model, the Meuse. While the bike is pretty dialed, it’s hard to beat bikes, beers, and barriers so the concept of a Rogue Brewery Team Limited edition was pretty exciting. Asylum worked with Graham and Shawn at Ruckus Composites in order to come up with this prototype paint scheme that was just finished up by Ruckus. Throw in a bottle of Rogue’s new Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ale, and I’m sold.


gringo - 04/05/13 - 10:30am

I wonder how many bingers have been pulled on that sofa.

biggie - 04/05/13 - 10:54am

If that’s a love seat and not a sofa, it would really tie my living room together.

Bayard - 04/05/13 - 11:03am

Aww roadies, fixies,Mtb,commuters can all appreciate a good beer

Mike - 04/05/13 - 11:15am

If only it was a Single Speed…

Patrick Croasdaile - 04/05/13 - 12:22pm


We’re offering the Meuse as a SSCX option on the Crowd Supply page. Additionally, the frame is SS compatible with a Problem Solvers BB.

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