Limited Edition Purple Tall & Handsome Seat posts from Paul Components

We’ve seen a myriad of fads come and go throughout the years, but purple anodized components never ceased to be cool. If you’ve been lusting for a seatpost anodized a tastefully tart eggplant, then Paul Components has you covered.

The California based company just released a limited edition run of their Tall & Handsome seat post. The 320 gram post isn’t the lightest but the 26mm setback makes it a perfect match for Brooks Saddles. Unfortunately, the 360mm long post is only available for 27.2 frames.

The post, made entirely in the US, runs $112. For more info visit Paul Components….


Mindless - 04/05/13 - 12:45am

OMG, this is AMAZING. I will go violate myself with a shovel.

John - 04/05/13 - 1:49am

From Chico Ca. Same as the Chrome US factory.

Betty Beige - 04/05/13 - 10:36am

Umm.. I think that saddle goes on a horse

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