Spotted: Possible All New Prototype 650b Kona Enduro Machine

Spotted: Possible All New Prototype 650b Kona Enduro Machine

The crew over at VeloVert certainly have a knack for finding secret new stuff, hiding in plain sight – much like this very interesting prototype they spotted recently in Sedona. Judging by the tube shapes, hardware, and the fact that VeloVert claims it is a Kona and that it’s 650b, it seems like this might be a new ~150mm travel enduro weapon from the brand. This particular test mule lacks the Magic Link suspension design found on the 6″ Abra Cadabra  in favor of a yoke system similar looking (similar, not the same) to that of the new Specialized Enduro 29er and others.

Of course, if it is 650b, that would mean some prototype wheels from Easton as well, which has yet to get into the 650b game.


Jed - 04/03/13 - 8:50am

looks like a Knolly o.O

Dave - 04/03/13 - 11:20am

definitely a kona

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thad - 04/03/13 - 12:48pm

looks like a girls bike

EmilMP - 04/03/13 - 12:54pm

@Jed, what part looks like a Knolly!?

aaron - 04/03/13 - 1:24pm

Looks like it has short chainstays

ascar larkinyar - 04/03/13 - 1:31pm

kool, so kona finally came out with a specialized “big hit” but with a 650b wheel……

this is exactly what we have needed all along…….NOT!

AJ - 04/03/13 - 6:30pm

It totally looks another bike that I’ve seen before!

jorge - 04/04/13 - 1:20am

I don’t think it’s a 650b bike….anyways, I don’t think I like the design that much…

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