Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

What’s better than a special edition? How about 3 new limited edition bikes released every month? That’s exactly what Specialized is doing with their new Specialized Edition. Each new bike will be a one-time production with a limited global quantity somewhere between 200-400 frames or complete bicycles. The new bikes will all have an increased attention to detail with the paint and prep, and possibly some new designs or tech not seen before on Specialized bikes. Each bike will also have a Specialized Edition aluminum badge with the individual frame number inscribed as well as an accompanying certificate of authenticity with the signature of Mike Sinyard and the product team member responsible for the design.

Specialized mentioned that the bikes in the future could be something crazy like a Robert Egger Edition MTB where Robert would have control over the paint and spec of the build. Bikes would be outside the control of the typical product and paint selection, where the market typically drives the final decisions. Instead, the Specialized Editions are a chance for Specialized to see how the market reacts to some truly unique designs. Above are hints at future designs, with Tom Boonen’s bike on the left, and we’re assuming Alberto Contador’s on the right.

Starting in May, 3 designs will be released per month for a total of 16 different models that will cover the entire range of the Specialized brand. The two models currently out include the Ruby Comp 10-Year complete and the Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO Troy Lee Designs Frameset. See both of those, plus get a sneak peek at the S-Works Tarmac Nibali and S-Works Amira Specialized-Lululemon which are the next two models to be released after the break.

Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

The Ruby 10-Year Comp celebrates the 10th anniversary of Specialized’s women’s specific product, and features a custom paint job and premium spec. Only 125 individually numbered framesets will be offered once it is released in April in sizes 44-57.

Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

Released in March, the TLD StumpJumper EVO has already been covered here, but its paint job is worth a second look. Built to have fun and go fast, the TLD paint job certainly makes it stand out . Limited to 200 framesets, 100-26″ and 100-29″, in S, M, L, and XL.

Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

As one of the next Specialized Editions to be released, the Nibali Tarmac SL4 is adorned with gorgeous paintwork paying tribute to the Italian superstar. Personal touches to the frame include inspiration from his birth place – the strait of Messina as well as a shark and blue paint for the beauty of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas. Limited to 300 individually numbered framesets in 49-61cm frames, available in May.

Specialized to Offer 3 Limited Edition Bikes per Month, with Specialized Edition

Finally, without giving too many of the new Specialized Editons away, there is the Specialized-Lululemon S-Works Amira (but you can see something very similar here that’s been available outside the US) and the Expert level that is. Honoring one of the strongest teams in the women’s peloton, the Lululemon Amira will be limited to 170 numbered frames in 44-57cm frames also available in May.

Stay tuned as Specialized continues to roll out the Editions!


David French - 04/03/13 - 4:07pm

PLEASE let them make a Futurama edition rigid Stumpjumper :-)

Don't Tread on Me - 04/03/13 - 4:46pm

My vote is for a Jaroslav Kulhavy’s custom gold Specialized S-Works Epic 29 or a S L A Y E R edition Epic 29er \m/

Fat Pat - 04/03/13 - 5:19pm

“you can never be too SPECIALIZED”. I am a big fan and user of SPECIALIZED and S-WORKS products. But personally, I think this is definitely OVERspecialized nonsense.

patrik - 04/03/13 - 7:38pm

@Fat Pat

I don’t think the adverb OVER can be used to intensify the word Specialized. It’s like the words perfect or impossible; they do not allow for degrees of comparison.

Specialized is specialized. That’s it. Not a little specialized; not too much, and definitely not OVERspecialized.

scissorhands - 04/03/13 - 8:38pm

I actually think it’s a pretty cool spin on existing product. I like the custom paint jobs…nice chance to have something a little different. Simple as that.

Greg - 04/03/13 - 9:50pm

this marketing plan to drum up interest is a good one. it sure worked very well for volkswagen.

erik - 04/03/13 - 10:02pm

I’d be ok if this was a model all bike brands went with all the time: model years seem a bit arbitrary as they chase tdf, sea otter and other large events for launches.

Sam - 04/03/13 - 10:36pm

Personally I think for limited edition bike to be successful on the mass market they need to include appeal from outside of cycling. this could be from celebrities, automobile manufacturers, charities or sports teams.

I would love to see an SF Giants Limited Edition Venge next time they win the Superbowl. Also a great way to reach a very specific niche market of paying customers too (Giants fans in this case).

Perhaps to trial this Specialized could look to moto GP where they already sponsor some riders. Think of the added appeal of a Rossi Tarmac!

g - 04/03/13 - 11:11pm


That’s the worst idea i’ve heard all day.

carl - 04/03/13 - 11:23pm

…. or Lady Gaga…..

Zancs - 04/03/13 - 11:51pm

I am a guy, but actually like the Amira paint job best. At least I know that its made in my frame size.

Dexter - 04/04/13 - 12:32am

I like the specialized products but they need to concentrate on delivery of their standard models – waiting months on end for a bike or frameset is not the way to keep customers.

Brochacho - 04/04/13 - 1:51am

With luck, these “limited edition’s” will also have a backstock of “limited edition” warranty support. Would really suck to get a fork with a manufacturer defect like a paint bubble or something only to find that the warranty department’s solution is a non-matching fork.

Seen it before, and it’ll probably happen again.

Icarus - 04/04/13 - 2:18am

Ugly.! Time to finally upgrade the name to GENERALIZED.

gringo - 04/04/13 - 2:59am

+1 por meester Brochacho

andrea - 04/04/13 - 3:44am

The Italian flag is upside down!! that figure!

Harry - 04/04/13 - 4:44am

I still think of Nibali wearing green and riding an Evo. Perhaps too soon for a signature frame.

Sardinian rider - 04/04/13 - 5:37am

Die hard Specialized fans and user slowly moving to Cannondale. This thing is a ticket for the fast lane in doing so. Unfortunately tho when Specialized talks others just listen and follow. Time to a Ti bike I guess.

Trexor - 04/04/13 - 6:28am

Sucks for Boonen, his special edition looks sweet from the vignette, but it’s a bit like that classic photo of Truman holding up the newspaper printed too early announcing the victory of Dewey… Wonder what they’ll do with his bike?

Julien M. - 04/04/13 - 10:09am

There’s a typo on that Boonen label. It should read “Vainqueur”, not “Vainquer”

Adam - 04/04/13 - 1:19pm

All that paint does not polish those turds.

Ernest Neilson - 04/04/13 - 2:06pm

I love it when my bike is different I’ll like one thanks…

Dan N. - 04/04/13 - 2:14pm

I realize that it is a completely different industry, but the limited edition “sprint run”product idea is huge in the knife and blade industry. There are always limited runs going on and they always sell out quickly (often before a product of released). It also makes for great resale value later on. I think it is a geat idea.

Jacob - 04/04/13 - 4:21pm

I think this is the swan song for the Tarmac sl4. Rumour has it that 2014 will reveal the Tarmac sl5 so not sure if I would want to spend a premium of probably $500-$600 on a mid season bike frame that will be replaced in less than 6 months. I really like the idea of custom colours (Trek does it the best) but these look a bit boring somehow (not sure why…).

jose - 04/04/13 - 5:41pm

expect to sold your soul and heart for a bike like that over $10k will be, actually some of those are dream bike indeed, deep in my heart I’ll love to ride and race on some of this masterpieces but, reality hurts hard fellows. Nice try, by the way, from Specialized to shared those beauties.

Taylar - 04/04/13 - 6:27pm


notmikeb - 04/04/13 - 7:44pm

“I would love to see an SF Giants Limited Edition Venge next time they win the Superbowl. Also a great way to reach a very specific niche market of paying customers too (Giants fans in this case)”

Is no one going to call out the fact that the San Francisco Giants will probably never win the Super Bowl seeing as they are a baseball team?

Limited Edition Recall - 04/04/13 - 8:34pm

Folks at Specialized.. please skip the limited edition series and focus your energy on quality control.

We already have to pay a grotesque amount of cash to own an S-Works Tarmac SL4 that includes a complimentary “reinforced” steerer tube.

Guess the marketing department is hoping that a premium paint job will be all that it takes to cover up that problem.

Al Boneta - 04/05/13 - 1:47am

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and shut the h* up. I have the Troy Lee bike and I love it’s over the top graphics. I am bored of matte black bikes

80 - 04/05/13 - 3:13pm

I got this;

The Specialized Edition Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO Troy Lee Designs Frameset.

God help you if you ever try to sell it – you won’t be able to put the name of it in the subject line of your listing.

81 - 04/06/13 - 5:52am

Just an old trick to clear overload stock. But it works nearly always cause there are lots of fans out there.

Sven - 04/06/13 - 10:58am

Tom Boonen’s Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL4


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