Sneak Peek: Cielo Rigid Steel Fork w/ Thru-Axle

Chris King Cielo rigid steel mountain bike fork with thru axleChris King’s Cielo just teased this partial shot of a new rigid mountain bike fork they’re building in house.

Not too much to say other than the obvious: It’ll be thru-axle ready when it comes available. Legs look pretty straight, and the dropouts are pretty thick with what appears to be a Fox axle/lever. Should go nicely on a few of those new bikes they showed at NAHBS!


Vegancheesesteak - 04/03/13 - 3:40pm

It is not a first. Engin had a tapered steer tube steel rigid fork at NAHBS and has thru-axel as an option. I should have mine soon.

Dude - 04/03/13 - 4:44pm

Why do you need a through axle on a rigid steel fork?

Brent - 04/03/13 - 5:29pm

So you can go back and forth between suspension and rigid with a thru-axel.

Walt - 04/03/13 - 6:16pm

RE: Dude: You don’t, but a lot of people don’t want to futz around with adapter swapping on their front hub when switching forks or swapping a front wheel between bikes.

Unless you weigh 400 pounds, it doesn’t ride noticeably differently. Rigid forks don’t have a lateral or torsional stiffness issue like suspension forks do.


Fredrick - 04/03/13 - 7:22pm

who gives a sh!t who did it first

Trey R - 04/04/13 - 12:56am

Its so in 5 years you can still find wheels for your bike since QR’s won’t/shouldn’t exist.

Matt - 04/04/13 - 5:44am

Yawn. A solution looking for a problem.

Ajax - 04/04/13 - 10:57am

I agree with Frederick. You can’t prove who did it first, so who cares?

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