Epic Rap Battles Video: Lance Armstrong vs. Babe Ruth

Fair warning, turn the volume down a bit if you’re at work.


Matt - 03/25/13 - 4:57pm


jay - 03/25/13 - 5:40pm

who’s babe ruth?

Ayyggss - 03/25/13 - 6:10pm

Nbbahahahahahahahahahahah your out with one bal!!

Reformed Roadie - 03/25/13 - 7:03pm

How do I get those 2 minutes and 7 seconds back?

Sancho - 03/25/13 - 7:19pm

why does all bicycle humor these days involve white people rapping

off-roadie - 03/26/13 - 9:49am

Because both involve clowns taking themselves way too seriously.

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