Shop at Walmart for Fatbikes and Cam Zink’s Signature MTB

Shop at Walmart for Fatbikes and Cam Zink's Signature MTBIt was probably only a matter of time, though I’m still not sure anyone is ready for Walmart’s foray into the fatbike market. Thanks to their new 26″ Mongoose Beast Men’s Oversized All Terrain Bike (!) fatbikes may no longer just be a toy for “rich hipsters” as our commenters have put it before. With a retail price of a measly $199, it is possible to buy two fatbike tires that would cost more. Though fatbikers looking for a performance ride might want to look elsewhere as the Beast is more beach than anything. With a coaster brake, singlespeed drivetrain, and those Inova tires with the spiders for tread. Also, even though the beast is specified with an aluminum frame, the shipping weight of 46 lbs hints that this will be no lightweight. Honestly though, if you lived close to a beach and needed a beach cruiser this seems like it could be a fun choice.

In other Walmart bike news, Cam Zink recently got his own signature bike – in Walmart. Check it out, next.

Shop at Walmart for Fatbikes and Cam Zink's Signature MTBHyper has done a lot of big box business and Eric Carter, the current brand manager said this to Pinkbike, “We do a lot of business with Walmart, and we’re proud of that. One of Hyper’s main goals is to get more people onto bikes. Not everyone can afford a $1000, $2000 or $4000 bike. I grew up in a household that was struggling to make a buck, to put food on the table. My first bike was a big box bike, and without having that big box bike I may never have found my passion for cycling.”

Therefore, Walmart is offering the $199.97 Hyper Cam Zink Men’s bike. Built with a 7 speed drivetrain, a “rugged” chain guide, Shimano disc brakes, and a suspension fork – the Hyper may just get some riders into biking, as long as it’s assembled correctly.


Brian - 03/21/13 - 12:40pm

I’m a mechanic. I hate this crap. I hate telling a customer that the bike they just got last month is going to cost more to repair than the retail of the bike.

Joshura - 03/21/13 - 12:53pm

That’ll make it really easy to sell a quality bike to customers when they can just go over to WM and pick up a sweet fatbike or Zink signature for less than two bills.

bin judgin - 03/21/13 - 12:58pm

why can’t you sell this $200 bike to bike shops?

Zach Overholt - 03/21/13 - 12:59pm

I’ve been there a 1000 times Brian. I thought about putting in a bit at the end urging anyone thinking of buying these to at LEAST take it to a bike shop to have it assembled and adjusted first. That’s actually how we got some of our best customers – by not being jerks, and taking the time to educate the customer about why the bike is a problem, and fixing it to the point that it could be fixed. More often then not, when it did wear out, they would come back for a quality bike and service.

Dr.Unk - 03/21/13 - 12:59pm

Brian, I concur. Dealing with a Walmart bike right now; the forks were effed up out of the box and the replacement fork is 60% of the retail price.

Walmart is poop.

bin judgin - 03/21/13 - 12:59pm

I have to say that it’s not Cam Zink’s fault that the western world has lost all value of quality in their lives. Target plastic bin world, here we come.

Elliott - 03/21/13 - 1:21pm

I think you guy’s are missing the point. Look at how much bike you are getting with that Zink. It’s running Shimano components and disks. Sure it will have problems, but for $200 the buyer is getting a capable bike (if assembled correctly!!! Very key point!).

Pancakes - 03/21/13 - 1:24pm

These bikes usually don’t get used once they’ve been bought, so the rationale is at least partially that they sit motionless just as well as any other bike. But yeah, any service tickets for something like this generally calls for advance payment.

Denny - 03/21/13 - 1:24pm

is this the Aluminium version of the Carver O’Beast Fat snow and sand bicycle?

heystacks - 03/21/13 - 1:31pm

@Brian& Zach.. At least it is a single speed! Can’t agree enough about telling customers that they need to spend more $$ on the crappy bike to make it better crap (short term)

Bayard - 03/21/13 - 1:35pm

Haters gonna hate

TonyLeePR - 03/21/13 - 2:12pm

It is funny because 200$ WM bicycles cost 350$ in Puerto Rico and Bike Dealers don’t have a decent bike for less than 500$ anymore..

Johnny Doe - 03/21/13 - 2:56pm

If it gets folks into bikes and they take it to a shop for assembly, I’ll begrudgingly accept this. Once one of their assemblers splooges oil/grease over the rotors, it’ll do nothing but emphasize why you should go to a bike shop.

Ultraclyde - 03/21/13 - 3:27pm

say what you want, the WalMart fat bike is perfect for jumping the shark.

M.D.T. - 03/21/13 - 3:30pm

I wonder sometime why we have to educate peoples. If you buy a cheap H&M Shirt for 14$ How its gonna look like in a month? If you buy a good handmade shirt that will cost over 100$ How long its gonna last? In witch pocket you would like to invest your money?

If you wanna buy a cheap shirt, maybe you know that its only because its not gonna last an its not gonna be fashion anymore next summer…

Bycycle last longer, best resale value if its good quality. Not a garbage bike.

Nothing to be pround helping Walmart to make business

Yoshi - 03/21/13 - 3:58pm

Finally a fattie I can afford to take for a lil ride… And she was found at walmart – who would’ve thought?

duder - 03/21/13 - 4:01pm

As a shop mechanic, I have mixed feelings about Walmart bikes. On one hand, they are getting people on bikes. On the other, it is no wonder that most Americans don’t ride bikes- after riding one of these. One thing is for sure: if you don’t support your local shop, Walmart will soon be the only bicycle shop in town.

Mindless - 03/21/13 - 4:10pm

Coaster brakes freeze in the winter.

Capn Snap - 03/21/13 - 4:21pm

“bin judgin – 03/21/13 – 12:58pm
why can’t you sell this $200 bike to bike shops?”

A fat bike for $199? That was not the price, it was the weight in pounds . Still dying to buy one?

1Pro - 03/21/13 - 4:23pm

Zack, why even run this story? this has nothing to do with the bike industry, this is mass merchant retail fodder.

Capn Snap - 03/21/13 - 4:24pm

@Bin Judgin

Light. Strong. Cheap: Pick any two… cause the 3rd won’t be happening.

Quickie - 03/21/13 - 4:32pm

M.D.T. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about, but you had me at “witch pockets.” I’d imagine they carry all sorts of cool sh!t in those.

Keephopealive - 03/21/13 - 4:42pm

Considering that nearly 98% of all bikes in the U.S. are sold in department stores (BRS study, look it up), why wouldn’t Zink sell it anywhere else?

satisFACTORYrider - 03/21/13 - 5:28pm

nbd – worked in a shop helpin less fortunate groms on their dept store bikes that would break down during summer afternoon curb jumpin and stair gap mishaps. nbd. let everyone discover bikes. next.

Sancho - 03/21/13 - 5:59pm

how does selling bicycles have nothing to do with the bike industry?

Zach Overholt - 03/21/13 - 6:40pm

1Pro – don’t know about you, but when I was selling bikes in a shop setting, I liked to know what else was out there. If you were a retailer of fatbikes you might have a customer that says “yeah, but I can buy one at Walmart for $200” If you read this story you would be able to inform the customer as to why your bikes are better rather than just saying “good luck at the mass merchant retailer.”

Tes - 03/21/13 - 6:47pm

@1Pro – This is one of the best comment threads in a while! Well worth the junk.

Namath - 03/21/13 - 8:37pm

Hey a lot of us old guys started on bmx bikes that were less than $200 bucks. Huffy Thunder Road was the one my neighbor had. I had a Panda and then Redline Pro line and I swear it was like $199.

Good luck to all kids with little money! Did you guys ever see the vid of that awesome kid in Portugal shredding trails on a supermarket bike? So fing awesome.

pinkbike dot com/video/261369/

Muddy - 03/21/13 - 11:26pm

Amen, Namath. When I was a kid, I had a girly bike with a banana seat and delivered newspapers with it. My single-parent mother worked two jobs and helped me buy a K-mart bike. I still remember those days. Today, I have a Santa Cruz Blur LTc, a Litespeed roadie, an Intense Spider XVP, and a Lynskey 29er. I built all my bikes myself because I can’t stand working with snobby bike mechanics in my town. You all are short sighted and ignorant. Sorry, I know better than reading these comments.

Sean R - 03/22/13 - 7:41am

How long before a Peter Sagan signature Wal Mart road bike….Remember people, it’s not just what you buy, but who you buy it from.

satisFACTORYrider - 03/22/13 - 8:29am

@seanR- you sure you don’t want to include where it was made while you’re at it.

andyb - 03/22/13 - 9:29am

Muddy= The Truth

satisFACTORYrider - 03/22/13 - 11:23am

amen, Muddy. first bike from TwoGuys dept store for me in jersey.

1Pro - 03/22/13 - 11:29am

Zach that is like a porsche dealer giving a crap about what the scion guys are doing. as an IBD, walmat is not your competition.

pmurf - 03/22/13 - 11:33am

@seanR I would totally buy a Peter Sagan edition kids bike if it had the “terminator” graphics from last year’s tour. Someone call WM corporate….

DaleC - 03/22/13 - 2:20pm

Some people aren’t familiar with the term “learning curve”.

One poster use the eaxmple of a shirt and I think that is a great example. I began byuing inexpensive shirts that were ill-fiting, did not do well in the laundry, were a B*TCH to iron and didn’t last very long. Eventually, I graduated to a few REALLY high quality dress shirts and suits, some custom tailored.

I am a professional bassist and followed a very expensive learning curve on gear.

Same with bikes. My Schwinn Sting Ray became a used RockHopper with Exage became a Cannondale SuperV3000 became a Litespoeed Unicoi, Litespeed Tuscany, Bianchi BUSS and Niner Sir9.

Use the opportunity to encourage and coach new riders along, ot dismiss them for buying at a Big Box. They won’t all follow the same path that I did, but some will and won’t that help our LBS? I have been in some sort of sales my entire career and I have never thought insulting the customers previous choices helped me sell them on my program.

Just my two cents.

BTW, I totally understand the frustration of the LBS and, especially, their mechanics.

Namath - 03/22/13 - 5:29pm

I’m so sick of LBS sob stories geezus.

Surly Shawn - 03/25/13 - 12:38pm

I agree with all the comments here. This is one of those ‘double-edged swords’ situation. On the one hand, you have people buying affordable bikes at big box stores, and it may possibly lead to a new addiction and a new convert. On the other hand, you are not helping the LBS by not buying a bike from them. But you will be patronizing them for service, which is what big box stores don’t offer. I think if (when?) Mal*Wart, et al start offering service for their bikes, then LBS’s will have something to worry about.

Until then, we just need to ride and be happy and remember to not look down on others just because they are riding a dept store bike. Whenever I see someone like that while I am riding, I wave and remember what an old biker (H-D) friend told me, “I wave at everyone on a motorcycle. Because they are not in a car and probably having just as much fun as I am”.

Dope - 03/29/13 - 12:54pm

I could ride a 200 dollar Wal-Mart fat bike and still tie Lance Armstrong for number of TDF wins.

rollnj - 04/07/13 - 3:37pm

Hey sorry I don’t have $400-$500 to buy a bike at the LBS, we all can’t afford it, thanks for making me and
anyone like me ( living on a budget ) feel like shit for buying what we can afford, maybe u should lower ur prices…HMMM…..

maadmonkey - 07/21/13 - 11:41pm

To all you nay sayers I wish this bike the Zink was around 20 years ago however it would have been to expensive because of a shock and disk brakes. I remember when rockshox came out and all the big shot bikers paid 300+ for them and are really not any better than a rst today. I actually saw this bike at Wal-Mart and is it perfect ? no but what a step in the right direction for Wal-Mart. I own a Kona scrap dirt jumper love it and now I’m going to get the Zink for my son and teach him to take care of it for himself and if he really gets in to this sport and NEEDS a better one than he’ll cross that bridge when he gets there. I just fill that people forget how far bikes have come and don’t appreciate what is available because I remember when mountain bikes didnt have shocks or disk brakes and cost over a $1000

maadmonkey - 07/22/13 - 12:59pm

I have had one good LBS mechanic but he moved and now we have a new guy to that seems to think everyone is stupid around bikes , I wanted to get a couple of spokes and he acted like I was brave to tackle the job on my own. Really I fix more complicated tasks on my car and have restored motorcycles but I need him for a couple of spokes give me a break. most Lbs seem to be a bunch of prissy little school girls who think there some kind of brain doctor . Half of the bikes that are around $400 @ there shops are not any better than the bigbox bikes there all assembled in china my Kona was so get real .

dal - 10/05/13 - 3:39pm

I read these bike shop guys talking down the so called gap in quality with these wallie world bikes which may be the case but yet to be one for me. I get a bad taste in my mouth with most bicycle shops I have been in, the product is always way over priced and there is absolutely no imagenation when it comes to style. Most place look at you like your from another planet is you even mention a street freak bike like choppers and the like. I own over 38 bicycles of various sizes and styles and I have found more folks enjoy my style than the over priced rails out there as for the cost of fixing a bike compared to the original cost of it new well just fix it yourself, trust me, man or woman with just a hand full of tools you can repair most anything on a bicycle in 45 minutes just a little knowledge will go along way.

GrizzlyBear - 10/13/13 - 10:10am

I too dream of owning a $6000 dollar MTB. I’ve often wondered what my motocross bike would feel like without a motor. My motocross bike has 20 times the R&D put into it and is capable of clearing 100 foot gaps. I’m really confused why MTB’s are so over priced. I’ve never heard of a Walmart bikes frame breaking. The components are garbage and fail, but that’s with the territory. I know many “quality” bike manufactures who’s frames break all the time. Why? Also, motocross bikes are easily financed at very low interest rates. If you want to sell high dollar bikes with superior components, make buying them easier or more affordable.

Jim - 01/05/14 - 11:30pm

I have bought new dept store bikes & used upscale bikes, but for the past few years, I have been riding a home-built LWB recumbent. I have built several recumbents, but the EZRacer clone is the one I ride. A 25 mile ride is nothing on it. I could never go back to riding an @$$ hatchet after getting used to riding in a comfortable position.

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