Chrome Totes New Urban Clipless Shoe for Spring, the Truk Pro

Chrome TrukPro Black HeroUp

Just released, the Truk Pro is Chrome’s newest recessed SPD shoe. A fresh take on their Truk model (a stiff shoe but lacking the SPD), the Truk Pro gets all the clipless tech and is designed for on and off the bike use too. Previewing this line back at Interbike, we’re excited to see its release.

Chrome built a bunch of flex into the toe area for easy walking while keeping a stiff sole for mashing. To do this they used what they call FlexPlate Technology, basically an impact resistant polyurethane sole overlaying a bendy nylon shank. Fabric for the upper is a 1000 denier Cordura, same as their bags, and a grippy outsole is vulcanized for durability. They’re available in two colors, black and grey (grey shown after the break) and you can pick up a pair for $95 over at Chrome.

Chrome Truk Pro Black Sole

Chrome Truk Pro Grey Hero


recur - 03/19/13 - 10:16am

I hope they have more flex that the Midway spd shoe I had. It was great for riding, but was just absurd to try to walk around in.

They look just awesome.

Quinn - 03/19/13 - 11:01am

I wish Chrome would come out with a shoe with an extra Velcro strap, or a design that would secure the foot better.

Sardininan Rider - 03/19/13 - 12:05pm

hipsters gonna drool…

I don't think so. - 03/19/13 - 1:23pm

When did hipsters start using clipless pedals?

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