Shinola Commemorates the Start of Detroit’s Watch Making with Killer Brass Plated Runwell

Shinola Commemorates the Start of Detroit's Watch Making, with Killer Brass Plated Runwell

Shinola is a multi-faceted company whose goal is bring manufacturing back to their new home, the city of Detroit. Not just any manufacturing though, Shinola only wants to build the best. When we first caught up with them,  they were just starting to work with Waterford out of Wisconsin to hand build their bicycle frames would be then assembled by Shinola in Detroit. In addition to bicycles, Shinola has also set out to product the highest quality journals, leather goods, and most recently – precision watches, all right there in Detroit.

To kick off the launch of Detroit’s watch making heritage, Shinola’s creative director Daniel Caudill and Sky Yaeger came up with the idea of a brass plated Runwell with the help of Shinola’s build team. Like all Runwells, the brass bike was built by Waterford Precision Cycles, with the brass plating done in Detroit city. Plated fenders, chain guard and an old school tail lamp were added to round out the look.

More brass and some cool videos after the break…

Shinola Commemorates the Start of Detroit's Watch Making, with Killer Brass Plated Runwell

To make the bike look less shiny, a patina was added to tone things down a bit. The bike was built to show off at the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland next month. Unfortunately, this is the only brass plated Runwell that will be made, and it is not for sale. Nor will it ever be. Never.

Shinola is the first company in almost 40 years to do any large scale watch making in the US, and the Baselworld show will be their global premiere. You can preorder a Runwell watch starting today, with a 40mm and 47mm version available which will be limited to 1500 and 1000 pieces.



Mike - 03/14/13 - 3:45pm

Am I the only one who always thinks of “The Jerk” when someone says Shinola?

Alex K - 03/14/13 - 4:02pm

Mike – you are not alone. It’s a fantastic scene.

fred zeppelin - 03/14/13 - 4:08pm

That is a hideous half-attempt.

I don’t even care that it’s almost pure style over function (rack attachment and placement are horrible) -it’s that they managed to screw up the style part that really bugs me.

Silver aluminum parts/brass frame/black front rack/reflective stripe tires?

Really? THIS is the one-off special bike you’re taking to a trade show?

Quinn - 03/14/13 - 4:47pm

@ Fred- Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, just because you think it is ugly, doesn’t mean it is not show worthy get off your high horse and let’s see you create something better.

Ryan - 03/14/13 - 5:22pm

Patina looks great, would like to see it go total steampunk.

digi - 03/14/13 - 7:50pm

they want to bring manufacturing back here to Detroit but order their frames from Waterford….hmm…Me thinks there maybe a decent frame builder or two here that might be able to better achieve their goal. as it stands right now they are a glorified bike shop with a watch company.

Shanghaied - 03/14/13 - 8:39pm

@digi – and the watches are assembled in Chicago using Swiss parts. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it’s as “made in Chicago” as any bike assembled in a Chicago shop.

trinidad - 03/15/13 - 12:30am

I agree with fred, the bikes are boring and unimaginative, the watch and the whole aesthetic just seems feigned.

FSA - Ivan - 03/15/13 - 12:18pm

Sky (& crew), this is a beautiful bike and congratulations on officially “coming on the scene” w/ USA made bikes w/ such deep heritage w/ Waterford. Look forward to seeing the other USA made watches and leather goods. It takes a lot of hard work and resources to do all this in USA.

Bw - 03/15/13 - 1:08pm

Shinola is also a bsides album from ween. named because if it isnt sh*t, it’s shinola.

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