Wolfpack Hustle Crashing LA Marathon This Sunday

The 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Race Series kicks off with a free and unsanctioned,  pre-dawn, 26.2 mile  throw-down on the LA Marathon course! While marathon support teams set up the course and begin street closures for the 7am run from downtown LA to the beach, bragging rights and a few first-place dog tags will be at stake in the bike world. These dog tags will be awarded in geared and single-speed categories, for both men and women. Check out the video and head on over totheir site for details.

Online registration for this cross-town rally is open, anyone going?


ccolagio - 03/12/13 - 12:37pm

i went in 2011 and had a great time. the event got hundreds of more participants in 2012 so i skipped it for safety reasons. glad i did – i know two very very good cat 3 racers who were involved in crashes due to very very inexperienced riders. if you go, just be sure to watch out for those less skilled – and who don’t have any brakes

Mr. Johnson - 03/12/13 - 1:37pm

Unsanctioned, non-permited racing on a bicycle is deriving value from what we have built. It is unacceptable for members to participate in this event because it is not serious and could actually be ”fun.” There is no fun in bicycle racing; thus, this can not be considered bicycle racing. Furthermore, should a licensed “win” there are no valued upgrade points for this event.

bin judgin - 03/12/13 - 2:31pm


BMX4LYFE - 03/12/13 - 2:41pm

I don’t consider this a race. It’s a lovely cross-town jaunt on some marginally closed streets. Nobody said anything about “racing” but that there is a “dog tag” waiting at the finish, and it will be fun. Then end.

Dale - 03/12/13 - 3:00pm

omg that looks really fun. I hate smogtown LA otherwise, but with no cars?

Scott - 03/12/13 - 3:29pm

Unsanctioned? I thought Red Bull only got involved in the most legit of events. Interesting. At the end, I hope everyone gets to rack up more points on a Flugtag into the LA river.

Bromungandr - 03/12/13 - 9:34pm

Can I use TT bars?

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