Green is the new Gold, KMC Launches Eco Friendly Coated Chain

KMC’s chains have gained attention in the past from their gold, black, or any number of different color finishes applied to their chains. Their latest coating is green, but not in color. KMC’s newest chain coating technology is an eco friendly finish that doesn’t sacrifice performance to be green. KMC became the first chain manufacturer to be carbon footprint certified after production of its X Series X10SL chain was monitored for Greenhouse Verification which resulted in the carbon footprint certification.

While the new coating is eco friendly, the new Eco Pro TeQ (EPT) series chain has improved anti-rust/corrosion protection by completely coating all components of the chain to protect them from the elements. The new chains will survive over 1000 hours in KMC’s salt spray test thanks to the increased anti-rust coating. EPT chains will be available in Road, Mountain, BMX, and single speed varieties and will officially introduced at the Taipei Cycle Show.



cjf - 03/12/13 - 9:05am

have not had great experiences with Kmc in the past, but this could bring me around for another try. i ride through all the northeast us sand and “salt” you can imagine. would love to see this technology in 9 speed as well for the sensible commuters.

King County - 03/12/13 - 10:57am

A lot of people do not know that KMC manufactured a bunch of Shimano chains.

Chase Jiannalone - 03/12/13 - 11:52am

Just tell me if it is a better coating than your previous top of the line. The green PR means little in the real world this chain will be used in, efficiencies of production take care of that issue on their own.

Reuben Dupre - 03/12/13 - 4:44pm

I’ve had better experiences with KMC than any other brand of chain. Super solid at a great price. X10 lasts forever and for little more than $20.

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