Video: BIKE!

 Video by Trevor Adam Gill and Christopher Paetkau:

We’re all part of the club
Whether you see life in pedals and spokes
Or, you’re just out for a Sunday ride
It’s about freedom
It’s not revolutionary
It’s human powered

You’ve always been a cyclist
Keep moving

Thanks, Max S. for the link!


Christian R - 03/10/13 - 6:57pm

Go Winnipeg!

The Goats - 03/10/13 - 9:15pm

That was a good ride. Thx!

Luiggi - 03/10/13 - 10:07pm

That video sums pretty well how different and how similarly we live the passion we share… Thanks for posting it here, where it can get a bigger audience!

Roadie Rob - 03/10/13 - 10:29pm

Nice to see my home town shown in a positive light.
Go Winnipeg! Keep riding!

Matthew - 03/11/13 - 12:52pm

Who does the music for this vid. Very nice.

Surly Shawn - 03/12/13 - 12:44pm

Fat Bikes represent!!!!!!!

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