FrostBike 2013: Planet Bike’s New Blaze 2 Watt Micro Headlight

FrostBike 2013: Planet Bike's New Blaze 2 Watt Micro Headlight

Adding on to their awesome line of commuter lights, Planet Bike continues to push the wattage/size limits with their new Blaze 2 Watt Micro headlight. The light will be available individually in black or red for $39.99 or it will be offered as part of a combo with the Super Turbo (the brightest tail light Planet Bike makes) for $74.99 with a white head light. The Blaze 2 watt micro has a claimed 139 lumen output and will have an amazing 64 hour run time on flash mode which is probably the biggest reason to go with the Micro rather than their previous 2 Watt other than the total physical size.


tonik666 - 03/05/13 - 12:18pm

139 lumens for 64 hours from 2xAA. That’s magic!

NH - 03/05/13 - 12:36pm

Are the new lights rechargeable?

John Bodycomb - 03/05/13 - 6:21pm

64 hour run time with 139 lumens – on one internal battery – physically impossible!!!!

John Bodycomb - 03/05/13 - 6:39pm

I’ve just done the sums…
Depending on the battery- this light might perhaps run for 2hrs @ 139 lumen (and 64hrs on flash.)

Zach- can you please get some clarity on these claims?

Kristin - 03/07/13 - 1:57pm

Just wanted to clarify that the 64 hours is for flash mode only. We’re still doing some testing on the high/low beam run times so no official numbers on those modes yet. But the high beam will definitely last much longer than 2 hours.

Surly Shawn - 03/12/13 - 11:56am

Much love for Planet Bike lights!

jnyyz - 07/02/13 - 11:14pm

The runtimes for the new Blaze micro are much shorter than those for the old 2W Blaze. The runtime on flash mode with rechargeable batteries is nowhere near 64 hours. On the other hand the runtimes for the updated version of the Superflash taillight are much better than the older version, with flash mode going for 100+ hours as advertised.

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