Video: Inside Look at How Scott Bicycle’s Carbon Fiber Frames are Made

Scott Sports recently posted this inside look at their carbon fiber bicycle production facility. While every brand has their secrets, the process is generally pretty similar. What’s rare is for a company to show so much of it. Every frame is handmade, and the amount of time spent on each varies by model. How long? Scott USA’s Adrian Montgomery said:

“Each frame is different. For instance a Plasma3 takes 80 hours, a Scale takes 22 hours, a FOIL takes 40 hours. Full suspension frames come in parts but generally take about 30 hours for a Spark or Genius.”

Check out their mini-site with more details on the process here.


Dan - 03/04/13 - 11:56am

So if a plasma3 takes 80 hours, then the Asian labor cost is what, like 57USD/frame?

Ryan - 03/04/13 - 1:10pm

Funny, They had all the Giant employee’s put on Scott shirts while the video was being filmed.

Matt - 03/04/13 - 1:27pm

How is the solid foam core removeable?

Also it looks like everything is a monocoque in one image, but in other images it’s clearly tube-to-tube (albeit fancy-shaped tubes). Any rationale on which is which?

1Pro - 03/04/13 - 1:42pm

its not foam. but rather something along the likes of “aquacore”. google it. water soluble core material.

Gregg C - 03/04/13 - 1:44pm

Matt – my understanding (which is questionable) is the head/top/down tubes are formed as a monocoque, and the rest is tube-to-tube.

Josh - 03/04/13 - 6:56pm

looks like the same way all the Chinese carbon frames are made

härbert - 03/04/13 - 7:07pm

in this film you see mixed sequences of
the spark/genius front triangle done as monocque
the plasma frame done with bonded section

there is no real tube to tube anymore…

@ryan: nearby but the carbon-frames aren´t made by giant
just some of the aluminium-frames and some assembling

härbert - 03/04/13 - 7:08pm

@josh: yes and NO

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