Just In: REEB’s True Temper OX trail singlespeed

If you’re a successful brewery run by people who like bikes, the next step is to build trail-oriented singlespeed 29ers. In the US. With belt drives. Right?

OK, so it may not be an obvious next step, but now that we’ve got our hands on a True Temper REEB, we’re glad it’s one that Oskar Blues (home of Dale’s Pale Ale) made.  With low-key graphics and a handsome clear coat over the welds, the REEB is certainly a looker.  Until we’ve got some miles in, we’ll have to make do with sharing some photos…

That's a Gates Center-Track Carbon belt drive down there.

Mmm... weldy. The 44mm head tube will accept straight or tapered steerers.

Adjustable vertical dropouts and a detachable seatstay make the belt drive possible.

"Reeb" is "beeR" backwards.

From the good folks at Oskar Blues.

Our test bike is spec’d somewhere between the stock SFP ($4,300) and PFP ($2,900) levels.  The Colorado-made frame is available alone for $1,400 or with a belt drive, drivering, and cog for $1,650.  Four sizes are available–our large has a 24.5in top tube–and all have room for 29×2.4in tires.  More info at www.reebcycles.com.


Caliente - 03/03/13 - 4:53pm

Pretty awesome model. These guys and gals are literally living the dream. Cheers to them.

jason - 03/03/13 - 11:16pm

Bottom bracket drop, you should try it.

Ryan - 03/04/13 - 9:29am


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